Губы в губы: все о самых необычных поцелуях Джигурды, Сюткина и Кабо Today celebrate world kiss day. “StarHit” has asked celebrities about passionate moments that have happened in their lives. Nastya Ievleva kissed a chimp and Olga Orlova almost lost language.
Губы в губы: все о самых необычных поцелуях Джигурды, Сюткина и Кабо

On the eve of world kissing day that is celebrated today, July 6, the star talked about the most unusual of them. Nikita Dzhigurda left a bruise on the lip of the Marina Anisina those, Valery Syutkin kissed a man, and Olga Orlova seriously damaged the language.

Will you be my

Nikita Dzhigurda fraud begged a kiss from Marina Anisina those

Губы в губы: все о самых необычных поцелуях Джигурды, Сюткина и Кабо

Scandalous lovers relationship began 11 years ago. As recognized singer, he had to take care of an Olympic champion before she agreed to be his. “I went every day to her training, – says Nikita “StarHit”. – Rolled up: gave flowers, gifts, called Dating… tried Several times to reach the lips, but a shy goddess Anis stubbornly framed cheek. I came up with a plan. Decided to kiss her in a public place – at a gathering of people she’ll be ashamed to slap me. Did: invited to a restaurant, offered a drink brotherhood. She, as I thought, refused, then I asked, saying, can I have the cheeks to kiss?

Approached and when she turned her cheek, took her by the head, pulled her to him and he had stared at her mouth. She did not fight back, as I expected. When the kiss ended, she had a blue lip. “You will answer for it,” hissed my love. But apparently she liked it, because after dinner she invited me to her home…”

Don’t be shy

First kiss Olga Kabo retake five times

Губы в губы: все о самых необычных поцелуях Джигурды, Сюткина и Кабо

The first kiss is always exciting, especially if it occurs in the presence of strangers. So it was the actress Olga Kabo at the age of 17 she starred in the film “Million in a wedding basket”, where he played the love with the young artist Alexey Yakovlev. Olga at the time, only came to VGIK, but has already managed to do starring roles in three films, but the suitors thinking was absolutely no time.

Губы в губы: все о самых необычных поцелуях Джигурды, Сюткина и Кабо“In the story, my heroine came to visit his fiance, who broke his leg, – says Olga “StarHit”. – Put the record on the player, melodramatic music, and I jokingly invited the injured lover to the dance. Sit on his lap, and he kisses me. It was the first experience in my life! But Vsevolod Shilovsky, Director of the film, delicately build a stage, I played just under his dictation: “Closer, smile, now close your eyes”, – he managed quietly, standing in front of the camera. Extra people with pad removed, to create atmosphere, but still 15 people stayed and watched. In the end, took only the fifth double. But this kiss I will remember for a lifetime!”

The iron lady

Olga Orlova tongue stuck to the swing

Губы в губы: все о самых необычных поцелуях Джигурды, Сюткина и Кабо

The singer and host of the project “Dom-2” was an obedient child. “I almost didn’t make parents nervous, says Olga “StarHit”. – Cats by the tail and not dragged into the neighboring yard to walk not ran… But once when I was 9, watched as the man stuck a tongue to an iron pole swing, licking her. In a fit of adventurism made a bet with a friend that will do the trick and not stick. But lost – my tongue was firmly linked with the metal. Friend first from my grunts a laugh, but then began to help me out – breathed language until he was executed. Didn’t come out unscathed – my tool when I was sick for a few days. But I was glad that mom never knew about leprosy. Very afraid that she will know and will be upset that her daughter came up with such nonsense”.

Olga Orlova spoke frankly about his favorite male



Губы в губы: все о самых необычных поцелуях Джигурды, Сюткина и Кабо

Blogger Nastia Ivlieva, six months ago became the host of “heads and Tails” during a recent trip to Nepal was a victim of loving chimpanzees. “We filmed the program at the entrance to the Pashupatinath temple, there is a Park where many monkeys, – says Nastya “StarHit”. – According to the script I had to hold a chimpanzee and speak the text. But in the midst of shooting something went wrong – animal paws wrapped around my neck, beginning to stroke on the head… I tried to break free from the embrace, but there it was – the chimp grabbed me and didn’t want to get off.

The culmination was that the friend (or girlfriend) – I never knew who it was, relish kissed me on the cheek, causing a burst of laughter from all watching the scene. And then immediately jumped off and as if nothing had happened got into the cage. Here’s an attack of love.”



Губы в губы: все о самых необычных поцелуях Джигурды, Сюткина и Кабо

Singer Valery Sutkin had to stand on the same stage with foreign stars. One of them was hit by Sexbomb, paired with which Valery a few years ago was on the anniversary of another major capital of the company.

“I sang for him – says Valery. – Experienced, I’ll go after my master “the Moscow bit”. But the public took both of us to cheer. After the speeches, we were supposed to sing Happy Birthday to You in advance what the unpronounceable name of the company in Russian shall sing me, because sir Tom Jones could not learn. Once tightened the verse, a colleague at the scene laughed, saying, Valery and he copes. I’ll go get some rest. And when I have finished it, apparently, to celebrate, I gave him a break, came back on stage and began to hug me, then three times kissed on the cheek. This was my most unusual kiss – from a man, and even from the stars of this level…”