The Pope and Donald trump came to the defense of “sentenced to death” kid

Папа Римский и Дональд Трамп встали на защиту «приговоренного к смерти» малыша On 27 June the European court of human rights rejected the appeal Connie Yates and Chris Como, whose son suffers from a rare hereditary disease. The family was not allowed to take the boy to the USA, where perhaps his experimental treatment. Interests Charlie defending the Pope and Donald trump opposed to disconnect the child from life support.

Year-old Charlie Gard all his short life spent in the hospital, the boy was diagnosed with the syndrome of depletion of mitochondrial DNA. This is an extremely rare disease, and the world was only 16 such cases. As a result of mutation of genes on brain damage, internal organs and muscles. The problems spread to the organs of hearing, sight, why the boy can’t keep eyelids open.

When the boy’s condition worsened, his parents have passed a complete medical examination, which revealed that they both present the affected gene. The combination of two such DNA led to the same mutation, which affects the baby.

Despite the fact that the doctors believe Charlie is doomed, his family refuses to believe the sad outcome. The boy’s parents have launched a crowdfunding campaign to collect funds for an experimental treatment in the United States. Thanks to the help of caring people, Connie Yates and Chris Gard has collected 1.3 million pounds, but was faced with a new problem.

The fact that the doctors of the London hospital, which is now Charlie, I consider it inappropriate for a long journey of a boy in America. The parents of a one year old baby repeatedly tried to challenge this decision in different instances. However, the decision of the Supreme court of London, appellatione court and Supreme court of UK was taken in favor of physicians. The final point of the struggle for the life of a child was the verdict of the European court according to which Connie and Chris can’t get his son in the United States. According to experts, in the brain of a child has occurred irreversible changes at the cellular level, and any further debates on this topic will only prolong the suffering of the patient.

Moreover, the European court lifted the ban on disconnection Charlie from life support apparatus. Without special equipment, the boy would not be able to survive, because he is not even able to breathe on his own. The parents were shocked at this decision, therefore, has recorded a video message to all concerned.

“We are shocked by the verdict. Only we can decide whether our son would live or die. We’re in the final hours with the child,” said Connie and Chris.

The doctors wanted to disconnect Charlie from life support on June 30, but from certain death the baby that saved the Pope, who spoke in his defense. The head of the Catholic Church called the hospital and said that he supports the boy’s parents. “The protection of human life, especially when diseased, is a gesture of love and duty that God gives to each person”, – commented the Pope.

“If we can help little Charlie Gard and his family from the UK, we will be happy to do it,” – wrote in his Twitter U.S. President.

Such strong support from the public and celebrities came to fruition: as of the sixth of July, the year-old Charlie is still alive. His parents hope will still be able to take away the child in the United States. The fact that America is actively using nucleoside analog therapy, which has already helped one patient with a similar diagnosis.

“Let’s all together hand in hand will help to do for Charlie tomorrow. We don’t know how much time he has left. We’ve come so far and should not give up. We must show the world that it is wrong to do that to a child,” opine the boy’s parents on Instagram.

The scandalous affair of Charlie Garda is widely covered in the Western media. In support of the boy’s parents are not only celebrities, but also ordinary people who believe that the life of a child need to fight to the end. At the moment, the Network launched a campaign in defense of the baby under the hashtag #CharlieGard.