Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk together doing a movie

Паулина Андреева и Федор Бондарчук вместе снимаются в фильме
The lovers are not breaking up even on the set.

Паулина Андреева и Федор Бондарчук вместе снимаются в фильме

Paulina Andreeva

Photo: press service

Fyodor Bondarchuk

Photo: press service

In the capital began shooting pictures “Myths about Moscow”:
this directorial debut of Alexander Molochinka.

“Myths about Moscow” — one of the most otvyaznyh, crazy,
brazen and ridiculous scenarios that I
‘ve ever read— says Fedor
Bondarchuk, who played in the film one of the main roles. — It is so full of freedom, drive and energy
for me, as for an actor is pure delight. I’m playing a parody of himself, and this delight twice. As a producer, I lay on this project
great hope, because he is one
hand, it is the author, like no other, and with another — absolutely
spectator – vibrant, with lots of stars, music and excellent humor.”

By the way, along with Bondarchuk in the film starred it
the bride Paulina Andreeva: this is their first joint work at the site. In addition
her involved in the film Janis
Papadopoulos, Sergey Bezrukov, Ivan Urgant, Miloš Bykowicz, Ksenia Rappoport,
Victoria Isakova, Igor Vernik, Vadim
Wernick, Maksim Sukhanov, Andrey Smolyakov , Irina Rozanova, Nadezhda Markina and

It’s a Comedy of absurdity, the story is inspired by
myths and legends of Ancient Greece and
biographies of the most fashionable and popular characters in Moscow
social Olympus. The main characters of the movie — Greek — decides to repeat the journey
Odyssey, but accidentally swims the wrong way. He finds himself in a modern
Moscow, where he met with renowned producers, musicians, actors and

“When we were preparing for the launch of the “Myths of Moscow”, —
says Director Alexander Molochnikov, we all the time feel
the heroes of the anecdote about the plane: “On Board our ship there is a swimming pool, bowling,
club, two of the brothel, four theaters and the Opera house. It remains only
see how it all fly…”. Well, now, and see how it fly now our project. We selected
genre involves joy on the set. I will do my best to make this joy
to protect — the artists and the audience.”

Viewers will see the painting production of
where does HYPE FILM and ART
PICTURES STUDIO, in the fall of 2017.