Exclusive: star of the TV series “Soldiers” divorced his wife

Эксклюзив: звезда сериала «Солдаты» развелся с женой
42-year-old Igor Gasparyan told about the changes in his personal life.

Эксклюзив: звезда сериала «Солдаты» развелся с женой

Igor Gasparyan with his son Vsevolod, 2010

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Igor Gasparyan with his ex-wife Alla

Photo: Yury Feklistov

One of the most brilliant comedic actors of our cinema again
free for new relationships. Igor Gasparyan, who played Sergeant Pogosyan in
the TV series “Soldiers” and the suspect Zakirova in the cult film “playing the victim”,
broke up with his wife Alla. Divorce, the spouses are issued a year ago. Their common
son, 7-year-old Amanda, lives with his mother.

The personal life of the actor, according to his confessions, long time no
evolved. For thirty years he never had a serious relationship, though
the number of novels could be the envy of any of his fellow actors. Women will like
communication with Igor, whose height is only 148 see Gasparyan in his
time played in KVN and able to cheer the girls on a date. But then flirting or
short novels, the case did not come.

Everything changed when Igor has written off the Internet with your ex
classmate Alla. They studied together in the city of Sverdlovsk, Voroshilovgrad
region. She became a flight attendant and moved to Moscow, where they
I met Igor. Soon they were married, she gave birth to a son.

“It so happened that we couldn’t live together. First on
divorce Alla spoke and I did not hold her. We parted without animosity,
communicate as close friends, I’m Dating his son. By the way, Alla married again
and I sincerely wish her happiness. I myself are in search of”, — said 7days.ru Igor