Павел Воля жене: «Моя маленькая девочка, не взрослей!» Showman congratulated the woman to Laysan Utiasheva with her 31-year anniversary. To Paul Will, the wife is still a little girl. He left a beautiful post on her microblog, in which he described all the advantages of Laysan.

      Павел Воля жене: «Моя маленькая девочка, не взрослей!»

      Paul Will and Laysan utiasheva to consider one of the most beautiful couples of the Russian show-business. They have been married for almost four years and raise two children. Comedian crazy about his graceful wife and, whenever possible, dedicating her romantic speech. The audience of the concerts with Paul Will see how he confessed his love to his wife from the stage in front of a crowd of thousands.

      On Tuesday Rosie celebrates his 31st birthday. One of the first who congratulated her, became husband. Star “Comedy Club” posted a collage of two photos gymnasts, one of which depicts a schoolgirl Rosie. In the post Will wrote touching words.

      “My little girl, today is your birthday. The numbers on the cake say that you became an adult, but you do not believe them. Yeah, you a Queen, a diva, a woman, a mother, but it was a girl. I see it every time you laugh, every time on your cheek a dimple appears. You’re strong, smart, brave. The best mom in the world, the most kind and caring, the best wife, companion, friend and accomplice. We and our children are the most perfect band in the world. Thank you for that. Thank you for much. For everything! Over all I’m ready to scream to the whole world. For all that just between us. Be always happy, smile, laugh happily, loudly and fervently. I love your laugh! This is the best music for me. Don’t worry about anything: you did it, you got it, you always will” – Paul wrote.
      Павел Воля жене: «Моя маленькая девочка, не взрослей!»

      Showman believes that Rosie hasn’t changed a bit since high school – she’s still the same girl with two white bows. He promised “to make sure no one disturbed our sandbox” and confessed his love to her. Subscribers microblog joined the words of Paul Will. Fans of the comedian wanted a pair of long years of family life and much happiness. Many said that Rosie was very lucky with the spouse.

      31 year utiasheva became not only a famous gymnast, but also a successful TV presenter. Some people think that television is very helpful to her husband. “Journalists often ask me the question: “Pasha tells you how to behave correctly in the frame?” My husband is a comedian and works in a completely different genre. Of course, it helps me, but his main advice: don’t take everything too close to heart. He often repeats: “Rosie, you’re only human and your emotions are pure and sincere, but please don’t tear so my heart for these guys, don’t cry, but seeing this, I want to cry,” said Rosie in an interview. Laysan utiasheva: “Pasha often asks me not to take everything to heart!”

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