Алена Хмельницкая поладила с новой женой Кеосаяна The actress has invited ex-wife on the birth of a daughter Ksenia. At the celebration of Alena Khmelnitskaya talking to his new companion Tigran Keosayan, which surprised many fans of the stars of the film “hearts of three”.

      Алена Хмельницкая поладила с новой женой Кеосаяна

      Alena Khmelnitskaya, known for her role in the film “hearts of three” showed their feminine wisdom in the area of communication with a new beloved Tigran Keosayan Margarita Simonyan. The woman invited the ex-husband, a marriage which broke up in 2014, along with his new companion on the day of birth of the youngest daughter Xenia.

      Alena arranged a colorful celebration for the baby, which brought together all the relatives and friends of Susie. She was six years old. On the occasion of the birthday of the eldest daughter of Khmelnytskyi Alexander flew in from the U.S. with gifts for the baby. On the evening of the children’s faces painted funny colorful patterns, and parents, meanwhile, had a nice contact with each other.

      Margarita Simonyan was surprised by such a warm welcome from the Khmelnitsky. The journalist and the actress quickly found a common language with each other.

      “Spent the evening with Alyona Khmelnitsky. That’s how it is. She’s very cool, very!”, – wrote in the social network Margarita.
      Алена Хмельницкая поладила с новой женой Кеосаяна

      Fans of the actress were surprised, because she also posted in the social network frame with a Margarita and signed it: “High-ratio”. They were amazed at the insight and wisdom of women’s Alena, as not every woman is willing to get along with your opponent.

      Khmelnitsky repeatedly said that after breaking up with Tigran keosayanom they continue to support each other and communicate as they grow two beautiful daughters that need the attention of both parents.

      “In 21 years of marriage, we were those who are now. If it were not for this marriage, then perhaps I would be different person and Tigran too. Not worse, maybe even better, but other – as can be spared,” said the actress in an interview.

      By the way, Alena prefers to concentrate on the work and education of Xenia, why not make new novels. In 2015, the screen went movies Three happy women” and “the Secret idol”, where he played Khmelnytsky. “I consider myself quite strong, but not hard man. I’m not a business woman”, – says the actress. According to Khmelnytskyi she even get the role of single and strong women who can get hard enough in a given situation. Alena Khmelnitskaya accustomed to the role of a lonely woman

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