Аглая Тарасова и Илья Глинников разорвали отношения Rumors about the next separation of the couple went a long time. However, over time, to reconcile the actors failed, and the girl was seen in the company of a new Beau. Star “Interns” continue to not comment on her private life and not in a hurry to announce that they have problems.

      Аглая Тарасова и Илья Глинников разорвали отношения

      Star of TV series “Interns” Aglaia Tarasova and Ilya Glinnikov parted, perhaps, at least a dozen times. However, over time, the lovers were able to negotiate and build relationships. All disagreements in this pair, to the delight of fans, earlier it ended with reconciliation, so the rumors about the breakup of Aglaia and Elijah, many simply not taken seriously. A couple of weeks ago careful users of social networks have noted that personal accounts of the artists stopped showing pictures, and began to discuss how much time you will need a temper to love this time in order to re-converge. However, the argument Tarasova and Glinnikov seem somewhat delayed.

      Recently 22-year-old actress was seen in the company of the stars of the film “duhless-2” miloš Bykowicz. The girl appeared accompanied by a young man at a party, and the witnesses noticed that they didn’t hide the warm feeling for each other. In addition, the artists were holding hands. What kind of relationship is associated with Aglaia talented actor, yet we can only guess. Those who are intimately acquainted with the temper of stars, we are convinced that Bykowicz she’s just having fun, and soon re-establish relations with llya Glinnikov. By the way, the actor, famous for shooting “the Intern”, about the difficult period in his personal life prefers not to extend. Microblogging Ilya from time to time filled up by pictures with friends and colleagues.

      Аглая Тарасова и Илья Глинников разорвали отношения

      By the way, more recently, the daughter of Ksenia Rappoport said that the beloved forbids her to discuss the affair with other people. In various interviews Aglaia Tarasova was dedicated to the theme of personal life, a minimum of his attention and sought to change the subject. Only once a star has made it clear that Ilya explained to her that costs less to say about the people I love.

      “Elijah scolds me when I start to talk about our relationship. Recently I realized how he was right. Private should remain private,” admits Aglaya.

      While the lovers did not hesitate to place in social networks pictures where they show passion for each other. For example, fans used to see hot kisses of Aglaia and Ilya, and to learn about the details of their life together from photographs.

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