Paul Will about the residents of Comedy Club: “We can no longer joke about prostitutes”

Павел Воля о резидентах Comedy Club: «Мы больше не можем шутить про проституток» In the latest episode of TNT channel, the showman announced the sad news to his fans. Paul told about how he was going to retire stand-up comedian, and explained the reason for his action. In early December, Will give a farewell concert in Moscow.

      This week it became known that the 37-year-old Will Paul plans to retire stand-up comedian. Journalists reported that a new live Comedy Club entertainer prepares this information bomb. In the latest edition of the popular humorous program Will explain why he decided to give a farewell concert. According to celebrity, the main reason is age. Paul feels serious and grown man who can no longer joke about provocative topics.

      The main theme of the issue is the resident of Comedy Club have become jokes about the fact that in show business too little “fresh” . His speech, Paul began to discuss the rating of the most sexual women of the country according to MAXIM magazine. Will lamented the fact that for the first time in this same woman. “Enough to put mothers and wives” – said the actor.

      The comedian also not left without attention of their colleagues, Alexander Revva, Garik Martirosyan and Timur Batrutdinova.

      “I am 37 years old, and I’m almost the youngest among the residents of Comedy Club… That Martirosyan – well done. He accepted old age, felt that and began slowly to cross to the exit. But I feel that he went not to the end, because his voice has remained with us? Garik now like a grandmother at the entrance. It is not the iPhone, and “babushkofon” people who sit next to him, smell of sage. Guys, gum, we all need to get off of this scene. We are not a youth show and can’t make jokes about prostitutes, as we know nothing about them, because we have families. At Revva last time was a prostitute, when the dollar was worth 20 rubles. That’s all they say that the Batrutdinov – the bachelor, an eligible bachelor. But he soon 39 years old, he is just an old Tartar,” – said Pavel Volya.

      Showman joked about Garik Kharlamov, one of the most popular residents of Comedy Club. “The young Kharlamov, he plays on the iPad all day, drinking coke and eating burgers. Those who says he goes by himself, just don’t understand that this is not senile. The fact that Kharlamov in game, and he’s not distracted,” said Will.

      At the end of her room, the resident of Comedy Club reported on the latest show, which will take place in Moscow in early December. “It’s time to get off the stage. At the peak, while you are young. To you this and remember… All the final show,” announced Will.