Singer Danko dedicated “special” daughter touching video

Певец Данко посвятил «особенной» дочери трогательное видео The artist has gathered the cutest pictures of the heiress in one clip. Behind the scenes the father is singing the song in English, dedicated to his daughter. Fans of Danko expressed his delight seeing this record of the singer on his page on the social network.

      Russian singer Danko has dedicated a touching video of his youngest daughter Agatha. The singer has shared the video in social networks. Over the sound of his voice. The artist performed the song in English. The video, which slowly switches to the music, consists of photographs of the little heiress. Fans of Danko praised him and said that girl looks exactly like her mother, Natalia, Ustymenko.

      The singer and his wife are fighting for the health of agates from the first days after her birth. The doctors gave the little girl diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This year the youngest daughter of Danko completed a course of treatment in rehabilitation centres in the Czech Spa town of Janske Lazne. “There are already some improvements – Agatha began to eat with a spoon, she chews and holds his head. Of course, this is the result of our efforts”, – shared Alexander.

      Fans admire the efforts of Danko and Natalia. “Sasha, what, you, done! Wish victory and good luck and success! Strength and faith!”, “It will be OK, have seen huge changes”, “I sincerely wish his family strength, faith, patience, and a speedy recovery to the kid!”, “She’s got that look was deliberate! Health Agatha!”, – left kind words followers of the singer.

      Recall, when Agatha came to light in 2014, many close friends advised Alexander and Natalia to abandon the child, because the girl was very weak. However, the parents decided to keep the baby. Danko admitted that the birth of the second heir has completely changed his lifestyle. For two years the parents have had some success in the development of musculoskeletal Agatha. The girl has been swimming with a coach who specializiruetsya to work with special children. The daughter of singer Danko learns to dive in the pool

      “My daughter was waiting for the birth of the sisters, and now Agatha is bar. Come up to her, Pat. For Agatha needs constant care, she can’t walk, talk, she had no sucking reflex. Either me or Natasha or Sonya’t know, Agatha is blind from birth. She’s like a flower in the pot, the living body, but without soul, without emotion,” shared the artist in conversation with “StarHit”.