Павел Трубинер скоро вновь станет отцом
The actor will join the ranks of a large star dad.

Paul Trubiner with his wife Julia

Photo: Philip Goncharov

On the eve of its 40th anniversary, which will come in the second half of November, Pavel Trubiner once again going to be a dad. His wife, the actress of theatre “the Satyricon” Julia Melnikova very soon, in October, give birth to a child. By the way, during pregnancy Julia gained quite a few pounds, she looks just fine and continues to lead an active life, including the secular. Paul and his wife attended the presentation of the new season on NTV and many friends of the couple, by the way, this evening I learned about the upcoming addition.

Trubiner have two sons — Paul (he was already twenty years old) and Alexander. They were born in the first marriage of actor Olga Mukhortova — world champion in modern pentathlon, a participant of the Olympics in Atlanta, and now the sporting judge.

A new round of popularity of Paul Trubiner that a lot of this was filmed in the criminal and military television series, came to the premiere of the historical project of “Great”. The actor in this film got the role of Empress’s favorite Grigory Orlov. And this year Paul, along with Ekaterina Vilkova starred in the TV series “the Hotel “Russia”, which promises to be one of the sensations of the new season.