Секс-символ Голливуда Мэттью Макконахи опять рискует здоровьем
The actor has gained weight for another role at 25 pounds.

Matthew McConaughey

Photo: Outnow.ch

Matthew McConaughey is one of the best actors in Hollywood, is in the top five sex symbols “dream factory”. But the 45-year-old artist is not afraid to conduct hazardous experiments. Your “Oscar” actor received for his role in the drama “Dallas buyers Club”, for which he had to lose almost 70 pounds! After that, Matthew long gaining weight — in particular, to be reincarnated as a stripper in the film, where he played together with Channing Tatum.

In his quest to become the first among Hollywood’s master of disguise McConaughey is ready to make any sacrifice. The proof of this new role, for which he again became completely unrecognizable, gaining 25 pounds!

According to the father of three children, to recover was much more enjoyable than to bring themselves to exhaustion. “I was sitting on the beer and cheeseburgers. Very good diet!” Meanwhile, long known that such mockery of the body do not go unnoticed. For example, Tom Hanks frankly told him how he became ill after extreme weight earned, including diabetes and won’t even agree for the sake of art to do such dangerous things.