Новый тренд: зачем звезды отстригают челку “StarHit” compared bow star beauties before and after transformation. Svetlana Bondarchuk, Natasha, Polina Dibrova and Irena Ponaroshku asked playful autumn mood for all fashionistas.

      Новый тренд: зачем звезды отстригают челку
      Новый тренд: зачем звезды отстригают челку

      The former wife of a famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk, Svetlana made a splash at the ceremony of awarding prize of the magazine GQ “man of the year”. Chief editor of the periodical appeared before the amazed public with a new hairstyle – star cut bangs.

      Fans of Svetlana praised her fashionable appearance. They noted in the microblog Bondarchuk, with bangs Svetlana looks even younger. “Incredible! Stylish. Beautiful!”, “Bangs, and look younger now”, “I think you years be better!” “You are very beautiful, sophisticated, feminine and chic! An example for many, regardless of age. You can look and look. Let you all get on,” – his comments the followers of the star.

      It is not excluded that the desire to update your hairstyle caused a change in my personal life Svetlana. This year the couple Bondarchuk announced the divorce. After 20 years of marriage, the stars ended the relationship.

      Svetlana Bondarchuk revealed the truth about the parting with her husband


      Новый тренд: зачем звезды отстригают челку

      And here Valery, on the contrary, demonstrates the harmony in family relations with her husband Joseph Prigogine. Update its image, possibly due to the desire to experience new sensations. The singer has cut a thick bangs in the summer, and sported with a fashionable haircut in European resorts.

      Husband stars Joseph Prigogine once didn’t even recognize his wife. Waking up in the morning, he went out to the pool and found a woman whose beauty he hastened to admire. Later he recognized in the stranger his beloved wife. “I looked closer and realized that it was my Goddess never ceases to amaze me. I agree, lucky,” the producer wrote in the microblog. Valeria never ceases to amaze the wife


      Новый тренд: зачем звезды отстригают челку

      Always fresh and active Polina Dibrova equally good and in sportswear and evening dresses. Bangs gives the spouse of the TV presenter Dmitry Dibrova slightly mischievous look. The star will not say that she is the mother of many children.

      By the way, three sons Polina Dibrova in awe of the beauty of his mother. Together with the Pope they support her in all endeavors. Polina Dibrova debut


      Irena Ponaroshku is known to love to experiment. During the work leading up to the MTV she’s not just changing the color of hair and shape of hair. Unchanged part of her look was a short bangs. However, after the birth of her son five years ago Irena grew my hair.

      Apparently, for a major time of change. Today she has published in his microblog photo, which asked fans whether they like her new bangs. The answer was a clear Yes.