Артем Михалков рассказал о большой обиде на отца The heir of a famous Director for a long time could not communicate with him. According to Artem Mikhalkov, now he sees everything differently, but before analyzing the relationship with the parent, understand that many can not forgive him.

      Артем Михалков рассказал о большой обиде на отца

      For three and a half, experts from the popular show of the channel TV-3 “the invisible Man” – a psychologist, a palmist, a magician, a fortune teller, a shaman, and a CSI – reveal the interesting facts from life of famous people. During the program, they are able to look into their past and future, to reveal secrets and find the evils, which the stars prefer to remain silent. Moreover, the characters themselves experts do not see, and information about them read from their hair, fingerprints, palms, personal belongings.

      On the set of the show “the invisible Man” revealed that actor and TV host Artem Mikhalkov, the successor of the famous dynasty Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, does not like to remember his childhood.

      For Artem Mikhalkov’s participation in this program was a significant challenge. “I’m afraid of psychics, fortune tellers, magicians, therefore, cautiously to your assessors. But I’m here to overcome your fear and to hear what they say about me, what they feel, not knowing and not seeing me,” explained Artem.

      The expert of the show “the invisible Man”, the palmist Boris Akimov immediately said: “obviously At the hand of white bone, blue blood!”. Psychologist Maria Pugacheva has paid attention to the fact that the hero program was brought up very strictly, there was strong pressure from the father.

      “He literally pressed. Wanted good boy to do a real man”.
      Артем Михалков рассказал о большой обиде на отца

      He later Mikhalkov Jr. said his famous dad really wanted to raise him in a special way, to make him a person. Yes, parenting was different, and he punished us and beat the father,” confirmed the younger son of Nikita Khrushchev.

      The magician a novel Fad said: “I feel our guest a deep resentment for the person with whom he has kinship”. “You were in your youth the resentment of the father, – said Artem. But now they’re gone. I am 40 years old, and I definitely think about things differently”.

      Артем Михалков рассказал о большой обиде на отца

      Experts which Artem Mikhalkov has long avoided, tried to find out why he broke up his 15-year marriage, why not hurry to marry a new lady and that prevents him to communicate with his own daughter. The answers to these questions will be broadcast in the show “the invisible Man” for 16 September at 19:00 on TV channel TV-3.