Участник шоу «Голос» Тимофей Копылов о русском роке, взглядах на жизнь и вредных привычках The musician shared his thoughts on trends in modern music and told about the situation in a television contest before the final. Timothy believes that it is very serious competitors, but he is ready to fight.
Участник шоу «Голос» Тимофей Копылов о русском роке, взглядах на жизнь и вредных привычках

In the semi-finals of the show “the Voice” remained very strong opponents. Timofey Kopylov, ward from the team of Leonid Agutin, admitted that he believes rival Brandon stone, but ready to fight. Musician independently studied music, so do not rule out that the competitors is much stronger than him.

“I understand that I lack a certain musical, academic base. Never took lessons. I just sing. Imagined myself sometimes almost Thomas Anders from 0 when I was a kid. I mow under it. I now support the guys from the band “Record the Orchestra” family, children…” said Timothy.

From an early age Kopylov grew up on Russian rock. He believes that in this genre there is still development. According to him, many bands give concerts, perform and gather halls. “It is music coming from the heart. Now gave the green road on the Federal channels, many custom artists”, – explained the artist.

Участник шоу «Голос» Тимофей Копылов о русском роке, взглядах на жизнь и вредных привычках

Timothy follows modern trends and believes that rap is an art, where sense of rhyme and rhythm. “Music is a hobby until you begin to profit concerts. First you work on the name and the equipment, only then the performance of the generate revenue. Every artist has its own material, but they do not give to sing on the air. The semi-finalists very interesting material. Anastasia Zorina also made a lot of noise with his solo number, but, unfortunately, not passed on,” – said Kopylov.

Besides music Timothy manages a company that builds offices.

“We rent buildings for rent. And since I’m lazy, sometimes I like to lie on the couch. I inert: first, hard to shake, and then stop. Sometimes I work better hands”, – said the artist.

He remembered a story that a lot of people worked with their hands, as did not hope for their vocal abilities. According to Timothy, many figures of show business could replace the working force in the enterprises.

“But many space artists who exist as if in parallel worlds. Sometimes I also think that will take me aliens, give me space Mace and sent to Earth to punish sinners. I believe in God, usually asking him for help. I think that people who don’t otherwise think,” said Kopylov.

The musician believes that we should always be grateful, both for the criticism and positive feedback. However, when the negative balance of power, he doesn’t want attention.

“I share the emotion in the songs, the performances, don’t like to talk about personal and invite people to visit. Better to meet in public cafes and restaurants. I rest when changing activities,” said the artist.

Unlike other people his age Timothy never thought it necessary to use for inspiration various stimulants.

“I never drink. I’m a child of the anti-alcohol campaign of Gorbachev. It seems to me that drug and alcohol abuse and social consequences. Rock – a movement in opposition to what is,” explained Kopylov.