Константин Гецати и Соня Егорова считают, что им не суждено быть вместе “StarHit” found out that actually bringing together the winner of “Battle of psychics” with his rival in the final. Almost from the beginning of the 18 th season of “Battle of psychics” admirers of the project dubbed Hecate and Egorov couple. On the fan sites and then pop up rumors: guys romantically involved, no wonder they are so ambiguous smile and regularly winking at each other.
Константин Гецати и Соня Егорова считают, что им не суждено быть вместе

The camera shows it to be worth it. Show her – he, too, is somewhere near 30-year-old Ossetian Constantine Hecate and 28-year-old witch from Moscow Sonya Egorova became the most talked about couple “Battle-2017”. In some Internet pages, dedicated to the psychics, even have a related name – Gitarowy: fans of the program has combined the names Hecate and Egorova. Finally “married” guys after testing with mothers of other medium – Vlad kadoni: witch Elena Golunova has predicted that narrowing Egorova will call the letter “K”. Is Constantine?

At the beginning of the 18th season of the coast, admitted to “StarHit”: girls had not, the last relationship ended a year ago, now his heart is free, which means… anything can happen!

“The producers wanted to repeat the success and popularity achieved by the pair of Alexander Sheps and Marilyn Kerro, – said Nikita Turchin, another hero of the current “Battle”. Because they specifically and punctually put Sonya and Hecate together. But nothing happened, no miracle. Konstantin and Sonya, frankly, did not like each other. They do have bound only a working relationship. Although I will not hide: Sonya is actively looking for love, now she, like Kostya, alone.”

According to Turchin, she was not lucky with the feelings. In the past she’s had several novels, and every time I caught the scoundrels who threw the heart of a lady.

“No matter how it was build of a femme fatale, this is not so, – continued Turchin. Sofia is a good, good girl. Believe that she will find her Prince, but they are unlikely to be Hecate, which is currently much more passionate about himself and career than girls. The shooting, he generally had little contact with participants were all the time myself. However, sometimes he found a good mood, and he started to joke. But this, again, rarely happened. He is now engaged in the promotion, which is not surprising”.

Meanwhile, on various sites of heated debate regarding the Sony affair and Constantine did not subside even for a minute. Recently, for example, the audience discussed neckline girls. According to the fans, with his help, Sonya was trying to get the introvert Hecate. One of the fans pointedly wrote: “Egorova – this is the one for which Constantine is responsible to himself and to God. She’s the one that wants to care for them. But do I need her? No, in her opinion! But what if he could prove her wrong? In the end, love is just an axiom, which, despite the laws of geometry, we again and again have to prove.”

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However, not all sick and worried about this couple-naaru. “Stayed a half-step from turning the season in the vulgar romantic farce,” wrote the user under the name Favea.

Recall that Constantine Hecate accidentally fell in the “Battle of psychics.” In the past the young man worked as a doctor-urologist. “I was a doctor before the project, they remain on the show and they will in the future. Understand: many of my colleagues now see me as a unhealthy person, although it definitely three times, spit over your left shoulder and knock on wood. Well, to ourselves not to go mad. All in one way or another superstitious. I understand that after testing, will forever remain for his colleagues clown. But their spirits I put above, than the opinions of others”.

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