Participant of the show “the Voice” blames himself for the death of his daughter

Участник шоу «Голос» винит себя в смерти дочери In the summer the Western media reported a shocking incident in the UK. 49-year-old actor Paul black has lost one-year-old daughter pearl. She died in the accident. The SUV was hit by the singer together with the child.
Участник шоу «Голос» винит себя в смерти дочери

A few months ago, Paul black lost her daughter pearl. 49-year-old member of the TV show “the Voice”and the baby came back from the Park, and they suddenly made arrival of a badly parked Range Rover, which was not the driver. Vehicle was rolled out from-for turn. According to media reports, the machine refused the hand brake, so she started to move. The SUV touched the artist and his heir.

After the accident, Paul and pearl were urgently hospitalized with serious injuries. The girl died in the hospital. Eye-witnesses reported that Paul was trying to save her daughter, but it didn’t work out.

After a time, the singer abandoned his musical career and opened a tattoo parlor. “Friends helped me to refit the salon. And I laughed a little, but I knew that was going to go down with a Bang”, – said black, noting that he had not thought about the future and wanted to settle scores with life.

Участник шоу «Голос» винит себя в смерти дочери

As reported by the tabloids, the actor still can’t forgive herself for the death of his daughter.

“I killed the daughter and if not the son, had committed suicide. Every day I feel guilt for having forgotten her for a second,” admitted Paul.

The family of singer never recovered after the tragedy. Paul admitted that every day he misses his daughter. Black lives for the sake of the young son ACE.

Recall, Paul black appeared on the British “the Voice” in 2014. Many viewers reminded of the singer Tom Jones. Artist have there own tribute band, tribute to Elvis Presley.