Rustam Solntsev turned to Dana Borisova: “You are insolent!”

Рустам Солнцев обратился к Дане Борисовой: «Ты обнаглела!» A showman who knows the TV presenter for many years, spoke about her behavior. According to Solntseva, Dana forgot all the kindness received from her relatives in a difficult moment, so acted this way on one of the TV show.
Рустам Солнцев обратился к Дане Борисовой: «Ты обнаглела!»

Before Dana Borisova appeared in the broadcast of “actually”, where he met face to face with her mother, Ekaterina Ivanovna. TV presenter accused the mother that she has contributed to its dependence on hard drugs. Besides, during participation in the program Borisov said: she never spoke with Rustam Solntsev. Showman stunned with the words Given.

Mother Dana Borisova made her drink a sedative drugs

“Danochka, darling, darling… are You insane. Allow yourself things that may not allow – not towards me, but towards his own mother. You said on the program Dmitry Shepelev that barely know me, despite the fact that we were friends with you for 20 years. But you drove your own mother, you when I was trying to make peace and put up five hundred times. This is the question about how we’re close. Unfortunately, all your attempts to establish a relationship with the mother ended in failure… On the program you still acted dumb. Like, enemies all around,” said Solntsev in an interview with “StarHit” after watching.
Рустам Солнцев обратился к Дане Борисовой: «Ты обнаглела!»

Rustam glad Borisov smog to defeat narcotic dependence and looks great. However, the showman criticizing Dana for her ingratitude towards the people who helped her.

“No need to respect me – I will survive. But what the ass you would be, sweetheart, if your mother Katerina Ivanovna had not raised a howl all over the country that you need to be saved by connecting the Andrey Malakhov, me, Proshka Chaliapin and the rest of the band of merry faces. Dana, where would you be? And would you do in this world? I read some of your recent interviews where you said you only had two weeks of life – while the scenario in which you’re immersed. And received in return all those who helped you? A blatant appeal…” – said the sun.

According to a friend Borisova, he doesn’t hold that against her, but only recalls the best moments of their friendship. Rustam hopes that Dana will change his demeanor.