Участник программы «Пусть говорят» выдает себя за женщину Ilyas Lalaev changed his name and became a Angelica Romanova. The young man, previously experienced serious problems with excess weight, not ashamed of his Transfiguration. He is actively “Instagram”, where talks about the secrets of attraction.
Участник программы «Пусть говорят» выдает себя за женщину

For the program “Let them talk”, dedicated to the modern ways to lose weight, Ilyas Lalaev came in January 2012. Then the young man weighed 150 pounds and begged him to help him cope with obesity. Now the young man has visibly changed: he not only broke with excess weight, but decided on a physiological transformation.

“I want to become an artist, but I can’t cope with the extra pounds. I started trying to lose weight four times, refused to eat completely, but it was quickly cancelled,” said the young man in the program.
Участник программы «Пусть говорят» выдает себя за женщину

Six months later Ilyas again became the hero of the transfer of Andrei Malakhov. Then the young man showed phenomenal results weight loss: he dropped 35 pounds! Nutritionist Mikhail Gavrilov said that in the fight against obesity has helped his mentee positive attitude. “Ilyas was the optimistic core, the love of self and future plans, all the excess came off almost by itself”, – said the doctor in the air “Let them talk”.

Участник программы «Пусть говорят» выдает себя за женщину

From his dream of becoming an artist Lalaev refused, he decided to conquer the world of show business through “Instagram”. The young man regularly posts funny videos, gives beauty tips to her fans. However, followers of Elias is not interested in the secrets of his weight loss, and the strange transformation in the appearance. Aspiring actor calls himself Lika a Mercedes and doesn’t hesitate to use makeup.

Ilyas increased the lips, grew my hair even more thin. That’s why his subscribers regularly have questions about the gender of the blogger. Deciding to dot all the “i”, he chose a new name: now his name is Anzhelika Romanova. However, officially Ilyas Lalaev about physiological changes is not stated.

Such changes occurred with a novice actor, has surprised many. As a result, the followers of Ilyas in Instagram was divided into two camps: some praise him for his courage, and many openly condemn. The behavior of the young man was the reason he was recently beaten. In his “Instagrame” Lalai showed traces of the horrible wounds and bruises. However, even this reaction to his appearance and actions do not stop the blogger: he continues to tell about his life, causing serious disputes.

“I take criticism very philosophically. A “meaningful” opinion haters immediately fell on deaf ears,” says the blogger.

Anyway, the army of fans of the controversial hero of the program “Let them talk” is growing every day. Now in Instagram at the young man signed more than 7.5.