Скончалась вдова Алексея Германа-старшего Svetlana Karmalita died in the hospital. The tragic news was announced by her son, Alexei German Jr. According to him, the last time my mother worked a lot and was tired. 21 June, she presented the latest personal project “Lenfilm”.
Скончалась вдова Алексея Германа-старшего

In one of the hospitals died Svetlana Karmalita, the widow of Alexei German Sr. and co-author of his films. The woman was 77 years old. The sad news was announced by her son, Alexei German Jr.

“Mom died half an hour ago. Apparently, the impact of severe fatigue. Furthermore, on 1 July died my mother’s friend, the artist Mr very she dealt with the funeral, took all very close to my heart,” said the Director.
Скончалась вдова Алексея Германа-старшего

According to the man in recent months, Svetlana Igorevna has devoted all his time to the work, wrote scripts, and was engaged in the Affairs of the film Studio “Lenfilm”. So far, no information about the time and place of farewell with Carmelitas did not appear. Friends of the family Express condolences to relatives of the women.

Recall that her husband, Alexei German Sr. died in 2013. The man was in intensive care in November 2012 with serious head injuries. In late December, doctors performed surgery to remove intracranial hematomas of the head. After that, he contracted pneumonia. Then experts have told that the Director managed to cure from this disease. However, in February Alexey died.

After her husband’s death she continued his business. The woman worked as a co-author of the films of Herman Sr. and wrote screenplays for such films as “Khrustalev, the car!”, “Hard to be God”. Besides, she was the chief editor of the film Studio “Lenfilm”.

Recall that the film “Hard to be God” came after the death of Alexei German-senior. The film is based on the work of the Strugatsky brothers. The film tells about the earth of the XXII century, sent as observer to the humanoid planet, where there is the dark middle ages. Fantastic Herman and Carmalita was appreciated by critics.

21 Jun Svetlana took part in the pitching, which was held at the Ministry of culture of Russia. She presented the new project of the Studio is a children’s film painting for kids “My personal space”. Karmalita told me that this painting is “a touching story” about the meeting in the hospital lonely boy and an elderly man.