Бари Алибасов раскрыл сексуальные похождения группы «На-на» The producer boasts that the artists delighted the fans. Bari Alibasov remembered that popular musicians under his leadership, spent a lot of time in the company of girls – both at home and on tour.
Бари Алибасов раскрыл сексуальные похождения группы «На-на»

In 90-e years of group “on-On” beat all records of popularity. Young soloists, Vladimir Politov, V. Zherebkin, Vladimir Levkin and Pavel Sokolov, became literally a sex symbol of the time. A huge number of young girls aspired to go to concerts to see artists. Many of them were on duty near the houses and hotels to be rewarded with a glimpse of the musicians. As it turned out, producer of Bari Alibasov on this and hoped – for him it was important that young people are not confined to good job on stage.

“The task which I set before them, were not only musical. They were supposed to “pollinate” the entire territory of the Soviet Union – from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka to Brest,” said the head of the team.

The man admitted that the soloists of the “na-na” perfectly coped with their tasks. They are happy to spend time with girls. Fans were only to happy attention from popular singers.

“I myself am a witness to Vladimir Natalia Politov – one of participants of group – lined up for 50-60 girls. Remember the queue in front of the house in Merzlyakovsky lane, was on duty around the clock. Vova came out, pointed, and said, “you, you and You”. And the girls followed him. Often joy took place under my supervision. However, the candle I was holding, because he was busy with a couple of girls. Yes, and on tour always in the rooms was thronged with fans – I’ve just welcomed,” admitted Alibasov.

Despite loving artists, Bari Karimovich forbade men to advertise personal life. He did it solely in order not to deprive the dreams of many fans. The mistake was made by Vladimir Levkin and Pavel Sokolov, who had to leave the band.

Bari Alibasov remembered that because of the adventures musicians often incidents occurred. Some girls said that celebrities are the fathers of their children. The producer believes that a few percent of them – his grandchildren. Night of love is over for the soloist “on-On” in the hospital

“Glory Zherebkin – a charming man, modest, shy, too, of course, inseminated, but not with such zeal and audacity, as Politov”, – the man told in interview to the edition “Days.ru”.