Ex-lead singer of “Hands Up!” Alexey Potekhin accused the producers of being greedy

Экс-солист «Руки Вверх!» Алексей Потехин обвинил продюсеров в жадности The actor recalled working in a popular band. According to Potekhin, who had been a Duo for 10 years, the big profit from the project received not the artists and the record company.
Экс-солист «Руки Вверх!» Алексей Потехин обвинил продюсеров в жадности

The former participant of group “Hands up!” Alexey Potekhin rarely speaks to reporters and attending social events. After the singer left the band, he never stopped making music. As stated by the star of the Duo, he recently wrote a song for “Buranovskiye grandmothers”, which is dedicated to the world Cup.

Alexey Potekhin left “Hands up!” 11 years ago. Together with his friend Vladimir Luchnikov he created the project “Raise the Hands”. According to the musician, they are not halls attract thousands of fans.

“We don’t go through the major cities and often in villages, – says Potekhin. – Sergei Zhukov will not go there, for example. Like most of those you see on TV. They only know how to walk the red carpet, wear a mask, to dance on skates and get different rewards in the form of plates, which are of little help”.

In the 90s Potekhin and beetles toured extensively around the country, and in each town they were met by crowds of fans. Alex is surprised that most people remember only the simplest of their recorded songs. Besides, according to the musician, at that time, their popularity did not affect the level of income.

“Here are our producers fucked everything. They had apartments, cars, wives. We’ve got nothing. If you ask how to make money on us, Andrei Cherkasov, which we were heading, and the company “ARS-records”, I’ll tell you: one hundred forty million rubles,” – said Alexey.

When Potekhin left the band, many fans very upset and started to figure out what exactly happened between Alexei and Sergei. The man claims that he was not interested in staying in the group.

“That’s all people ask me why I went from “Hands Up!” I’ll tell you: because we all became adults. But Sergei did not think so, he was comfortable. He’s comfortable now. He always wanted fame, but I’m not. Whether we are dealing? Ask it from him. Although you are unlikely to call him. He’s a VIP,” shared the actor.

Besides Potekhin not interested in life of other representatives of show business and not trying to spin in the Network. “I haven’t popular. I’m on the Internet – there is silence. Nobody writes. Although I am willing to answer every man!”, – said Alexey in an interview with “Interlocutor”