Мама Марии Максаковой просит дочь не упоминать ее имени Ludmila never reconciled with his heir. A friend of the singer Stanislav Sadalsky trying to influence Mary, and asked the woman not to say anything about relative in his numerous interviews. However, while he has failed to convince the actress.
Мама Марии Максаковой просит дочь не упоминать ее имени

The other day Maria Maksakova gave another interview in which he mentioned that he has not reconciled with her mother, Ludmila Vasilievna. Journalists often ask Opera diva about her relationship with a parent. The conflict between the women deteriorated after the death of the spouse of Mary, Denis Boronenkov. According to the media, Lyudmila Maksakova sharply expressed in the address of the deceased son-in-law that hurt the singer.

Actor Stanislav Sadalsky, who is familiar with both ladies tried to reconcile mother and daughter. However, his remarks caused a negative Maria Maksakova. A man tries to protect Lyudmila Vasilyevna and tries to influence her daughter. In the next post, placed in the social network, the man explained that his friend was tired phrases heiress.

“I look at her and understand that cruelty is a trait of good people, it occurs when your kindness begin to wipe his feet. Asked me how to tell my daughter that she didn’t say anything. No use talking to the wall,” said Sadalsky.

Members of the actor are watching the situation and share their opinions on his page. “I sincerely sympathize with her as a mother, to have a daughter. After all, she still loves her. And ashamed for her behavior”, “can Not fail to note that you, Stanislav – worthy support: a psychologist and friend,” “the Daughter has already formed personality. How it behaves and how he acts is her business,” wrote a follower.

The widow Boronenkov unhappy that Sadalsky interfere in their family Affairs. Maria Maksakova harsh comments about Stanislav Sadalsky

“In his nature there is something, how to say, some kind of abnormality. He very well manages to convert this specific prominence almost marginal wing. It is also known that has a blog. Like a magnet, gathers around itself a strange audience… I mean that he’s gaining popularity at the expense of the subscribers, and then appears on the esters. It’s like two sides of the same coin. He lives in constant scandal. Maybe he likes what he does, but to me it is extremely incorrect. For some reason he chose me as a target for his rather unsavory activities,” – said Maria in “Cynics of TV”.