Polina Gagarina was planning to give her daughter a different name

Полина Гагарина планировала дать дочери другое имя
The sudden recognition of the stars: a little MIA might have been called differently.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: Instagram Polina Gagarina

It’s hard to believe that Polina Gagarina became a mother in
the second time in just a couple of months ago. The impression that the singer was not
a break between hospital and scene star quickly regained form and started again
to work. Pauline manages to combine everything thanks happy family for a little
MIA watching husband Dmitry Iskhakov and 9-year-old son Andrei (from his first marriage,
with actor Peter Kislov).

The name Polina and Dmitry gave to his daughter — pretty
rare. But it turns out that even during pregnancy Gagarin invented for girls
a completely different name. She had planned to name the baby Lucienne. This name is very
like Pauline, besides Lucy was the name of one of her grandmothers.

But when the baby was born, a happy mom realized
we urgently need to look for another name. At that moment I had to trust my instincts. Pauline
she remembers how suddenly began to say: “Mi… mi… mi…”, as if repeating a musical
letter. And when it became clear that MIA is one of the variants of pronunciation of name
Maria, it was decided to name the newborn.

In a similar situation, incidentally, was at the time, and Julia Peresild, when made in advance for her eldest daughter’s name is Nina, but in
finally called her Anna. “Of course, I dreamed about the boy. And when he learned that
it’s a girl, began to choose her name. I had a grandmother Nina. What is a good
the name, I thought. But when she was born the eldest daughter, looked at it and realized: well
what is this Nina? Not Nina, and the other person,” recalled the actress.