Participant of the “New idol” Elman Zeynalov: “I will Not forgive you for cheating”

Участник «Новой Фабрики звезд» Эльман Зейналов: «Не прощу измену» An aspiring artist shared his views on life in the Star house and the relationship with the girls. A native of Rostov-na-Donu Elman Zeynalov has been impressive for a rookie success: his song “Adrenaline” vengeance is played on the radio, and the microblog of the contractor tens of thousands of subscribers.
Участник «Новой Фабрики звезд» Эльман Зейналов: «Не прощу измену»

23-year-old Elman Zeynalov is perhaps one of the most prominent member of the TV project “New Factory of stars” on MUZ-TV. Despite the fact that the young man quite a late start as a professional musician, he has been impressive for a rookie success. The song of the native of Rostov-on-don “Adrenaline” was performed in the vlog Amiran Sardarov, but for the life of a young man in Instagram following a hundred thousand subscribers. “StarHit” Zeynalov asked about his views on relationships, experiences of working with famous artists and the feelings of being in the Star house.

“Sometimes you feel, sometimes not. Sometimes powerless, and in other moments you feel energetically charged. But that’s life with the conditions to which we agreed, so I feel great. I check myself every day. The main difficulty I faced, is that I’m not a vocalist and rap artist. So often have thoughts: “How am I going to sing?” But I still do it, and then they tell me: “Everything was good, on the level,” – said Elman “StarHit”.
Участник «Новой Фабрики звезд» Эльман Зейналов: «Не прощу измену»

Zeynalov says calmly accepts life’s difficulties. The young man has a balanced character. To survive Elman had just before performance with celebrities, during which he had to demonstrate his vocal abilities. At the first concert in “the factory owner” had a chance to sing with Ani Lorak.

Участник «Новой Фабрики звезд» Эльман Зейналов: «Не прощу измену»“It was very interesting and cool that I was able to work with such a serious artist that is known all over the country. I had to work on ourselves not to fall face in the dirt,” said the young man.
Участник «Новой Фабрики звезд» Эльман Зейналов: «Не прощу измену»

According to Elman, he was accustomed to independent living. An aspiring singer moved out from my parents at the age of 17 years. “Of course, sometimes you want sometimes to call family and friends, to hear from them words of support,” he adds.

Song artist “Adrenaline” is already played on radio stations, but Zeynalov does not consider himself a professional. The young man sure that he has something to aim for. Elman willing to learn and work hard. “I would like to become a professional singer. I have achieved something in rap, now I need to develop as a vocalist – not only in his style, but in the other where I am still not strong. For the most part, I’m very self-critical, I need to constantly look for the flaws and work on themselves. If I do not see, they begin to degrade,”– shared “manufacturer”. Zeynalov also noted that not chasing fame.

“I came to the project not for popularity. Of course, all artists want their audience, it is a natural desire, but my priority is to work on yourself. For the sake of me doing cool professionals. I missed this. Every time I have to work with a famous person, I try to take this collaboration to the max… at First I was thinking about the hype and celebrity, but it was more of a joke, is internally self-indulgence,” – says Elman.
Участник «Новой Фабрики звезд» Эльман Зейналов: «Не прощу измену»

Zeynalov’s parents didn’t know about his plans to conquer the show business and participate in “star Factory”. “I didn’t tell anyone about the casting. Just came passed him and called his parents: “Mom, dad, follow me on MUZ-TV”. Friends also learned immediately, because information about the results of the casting was a mystery. They come from Rostov to concerts to support me. It’s worth it”, – told the artist.

In the personal life of the Elman has been a failure. Five months before wedding the young man threw girlfriend.

“My attitude towards women has not changed. This is a special case. People are different. Very stupid to put the stamp on all girls because of one situation. It was what it was. It has left its mark, but not hurt. So I’m open for a relationship, but only after the end of the project,” he said.

Now Zeynalov is focused on his career. He does not exclude that in the future could sacrifice her for the sake of privacy. “I need to put double the efforts to realize themselves. If ever someone will then have to spend energy to another. I want to become better professionally,” explained Elman. According to Zeynalov, he thinks he’s monogamous and completely trustful of the people around.

“I’m not ready to forgive infidelity and can’t conduct an affair with two girls. Just hanging out is one thing, but relationships, sympathy and love is quite another, and it should not be disregarded and “break” in many… – said Elman. – I trust always. But exactly as much as I’m not afraid to lose. Life experience gave me a hint: “Trust a man exactly the information that you are not afraid to get in the back.”