That startled person filming the new season of “the battle of psychics”

Что напугало Сафронова на съемках нового сезона «Битвы экстрасенсов» Viewers are in for even more surprises. Leading transfer has already managed to appreciate the magical abilities of the participants of the TV show. The eighteenth “the Battle of psychics” promises to be different. Presenter Sergey Safronov has managed to assess the ability of magicians and clairvoyants.
Что напугало Сафронова на съемках нового сезона «Битвы экстрасенсов»

Today, 23 September on channel TNT starts the eighteenth season of “the Battle of psychics.” In July of this year, people with supernatural powers, came to the casting of the project, to demonstrate the power and to be among those who will fight for the main prize of the project – blue crystal hand.

As promised by the creators of the show, new releases, viewers will find a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and characters who have participated in the transmission. During the filming of the programme team was also waiting for the surprises. 17-year-old high school graduate Nikita Turchin hypnotized the guard to let him into the building. The young mage had convinced them that he is the brother of the chief editor of the program, so no problems went in and found the right office. According to the rules of the show, people under the age of majority must provide parental permission for the shooting.

The tarragon, actress school: what we know about the participants of the casting of the new “Battle of psychics”

According to tradition, in one of the three qualifying tests potential members of the mystical show were to find a man in the trunk of one of the cars standing in the Parking garage. The curator was made by Sergei Safronov. He would have all the more difficult on the test.

First, one of the psychics for no reason insulted the magician, and the second scared him St. Vitus dance. Then watching the test car owners and even wanted to physically deal with the leading. For Sergei stood up brothers.

“There were a lot of strange people on the casting. For example, one lady came with a dog. That is, the animal was the “conductor”. We have come psychics with a spider, Raven, rat, but with a dog – for the first time. The animal, by the way, very scared on set. One MAG in a cassock called us “zalojnikami of the Antichrist.” Another man huge growth “tuned” for passing the test by hiding in a huge bag. Hopefully the season will be interesting, but testing is exciting,” admitted Sergei.

Among applicants for participation in the show were people who’ve been through a lot: someone of them survived the war, others are faced with the betrayal of loved ones, and others have learned to live, when the mind constantly heard voices.

For example, the magician from Vladikavkaz Constantine began to hear the souls of the dead, when he worked in the morgue during his studies in medical school. Brother and sister Jean and Dana, who have tasted power at the qualifying trials, experienced a family tragedy. Since the girl was an unwanted child, the mother abandoned it. The older brother actually taught sister and still like her dad. When Dana grew and learned, she went to work as a gynecologist, and heard the voices of children not yet born. That’s why it has convinced women not to have abortions.

According to the permanent program host Marat Basharova, barely acquainted with the participants, he made his conclusions.

“I can tell you that I spent with the participants of the new season its own “maratbekovich” test and has already identified the top five. And I think that will not be mistaken, because this season of “the Battle” for me, the 11th, I already know the participants. But names not any name, learn everything yourself September 23 on TNT!” – said the actor.