Participant of the first season of the show “the Bachelor” going to be a father

Участник первого сезона шоу «Холостяк» станет отцом Evgeniy Levchenko and Victoria Koblenko are ready to become parents. The lovers will be born firstborn. Happy future father personally told this good news to friends and fans, posting a photo op with Victoria in their social network.

      Участник первого сезона шоу «Холостяк» станет отцом

      Participant of the first season of the show “the Bachelor” Evgeniy Levchenko and his girlfriend, model Victoria Koblenko expecting a baby. This good news the sportsman has shared with her subscribers in her Instagram under the joint photo with the chosen one, on which he holds the sliders. For 38-year-old footballer and his girlfriend’s first child. Nikes information about the future of the field of the heir to the star is not reported.

      “Not a word, and deed! We are waiting for the firstborn!” – written on the page in social network expectant father by replicating the message in one’s mother tongue lady Dutch. Friends and fans have already bombarded the athlete’s congratulations: “It’s a miracle! The health of the expectant mother!”, “Let it bring You only happiness!”

      Участник первого сезона шоу «Холостяк» станет отцом

      Victoria and Eugene resumed relations in February 2015, and met about five years ago. To return to the model of Levchenko tried to meet with Olesya Ermakova won the uphill battle for an athlete’s heart on the project “the Bachelor”. However, the couple lasted just nine months as they lived in different countries. After this, the player returned to his former beloved.

      Mutual friends Eugene and Victoria has argued that young people are made for each other. Recall that the athlete and the model met in Holland about five years ago. The beautiful couple were often seen together at all social events. It seemed that between them there is love and mutual understanding, and they will always be together. It was rumored that Levchenko even called beauty married. However, at about this same period she was invited to star in Hollywood, and she agreed. It is assumed that Eugene was not satisfied with long distance relationships and such a strong desire to build a career model actress. The most famous picture involving Victoria “Legacy” and “Sister Queen”, basically she get a role in the episodes.

      Winter 2015 Victoria and Eugene noticed in the Maldives, where young people enjoyed a heavenly stay. After they shared a joint with photos of the resort, immediately rumors about the resumption of relations between Coblence and Levchenko, who soon turned out to be true. Since then, lovers never parted.

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