Deadpool can see spider-Man in new film

Дэдпул может встретиться с Человеком-пауком в новом фильме

Re-return to the screens comic character Deadpool can be held with the participation of spider-Man.

This day was declared by the creators of “Deadpool” Tim Miller and Simon Kinberg.

Men noted that the convergence of these heroes may be, however, all the intricacies of this process, Miller and Kinberg are not told.

According to United Press International, Sony is already preparing with Marvel a appropriate deal.

“With all the transactions that are committed in recent times, we wonder, can we do to get the right to “visit” our friendly neighbour Sony and its spider-Man,” wondered Simon Kinberg.

“I’d like to see this crossover. We close with Kevin Feige from Marvel, we respect and love Kevin. If we have at least some chance we’ll find a way to launch this project,” added Kinberg.

Not to say that Fox studios and Marvel is currently not in the best place. Secret scandal between the companies began after the creation of Fox its interpretation of “X-Men” and “Fantastic four”. Perhaps Miller and Kinberg will become the force that will again be able to unite them.


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