Участница «Евровидения» Юлия Самойлова получила неожиданный сюрприз в прямом эфире The singer is preparing for the international song contest. Julia Samoylova will represent Russia on the stage in Kiev. The actress came to the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, to get tips from colleagues on show-to business.

      Участница «Евровидения» Юлия Самойлова получила неожиданный сюрприз в прямом эфире

      Not so long ago it became known that Russia at the forthcoming Eurovision song contest “Eurovision” there will go singer Yulia Samoilova. However, today it was reported that the actress can deny entry to Kiev, because, according to the head of the SBU, she illegally visited the Crimea.

      The girl came to the Studio program “Let them talk”, to talk about their lives multi-million country that will be cheering for her in may.

      Andrey Malakhov asked to tell Yulia about her disease which was the cause of her disability. Girl suffering from spinal amyotrophy of werdnig-Hoffmann. Was in the Studio the presenter of the program “Live healthy” and “Health” Elena Malysheva, who commented on the diagnosis of the future participants of “Eurovision”.

      “The parents proved to be carriers of recessive genes which, unfortunately, was found. We will go on a special survey, and what the chances may be, they will all be Julia,” said the doctor.

      Samoilov said that in addition tworetzky success she’s happy in private life. Eight years in a relationship with Alexey Taran. She reported that he met with a young man via the Internet. In the Studio there was a choice of the singer. He remembered that he was 18 years old when he fell in love with Julia.

      Участница «Евровидения» Юлия Самойлова получила неожиданный сюрприз в прямом эфире

      The program also showed her grandmother Samoilova, who lives in Italy. Vera Nicolaza came to the Studio “Let them talk”, to support his granddaughter. It was a real surprise for the singer, as it is not expected that the relative will drop everything and go to Moscow.

      Участница «Евровидения» Юлия Самойлова получила неожиданный сюрприз в прямом эфире

      Then Julia and her grandmother were joined by the parents of the singer – Margarita and Oleg Samoilov. They specifically came from a native artist of the city of Ukhta in the Komi Republic. Mom actress admitted that from childhood, she wanted to sing, but her dream did not come true. That is why she supported the love of his daughter to the stage.

      Dad said that he will go to Kiev, if the First channel will invite them to accompany her daughter. Was in the Studio Yuri Aksyuta, who assured all that the parents have to be with Julia in such an important moment for her.

      Участница «Евровидения» Юлия Самойлова получила неожиданный сюрприз в прямом эфире

      Andrey Malakhov said that Samoilova have famous relatives – husband, rapper Djigan Oksana. A young mother said that they are cousins with the singer. Moreover, Oksana and Yulia once even lived in the same house, but then the wife of rapper went to conquer Moscow. The designer admitted that she is very proud of your cousin and the whole family.

      Andrei Malakhov decided to make another surprise for Samoilova – in the Studio appeared the husband’s parents Julia Maria and Yuri Taran. It turned out that the couple was not familiar with the mom and dad daughter-in-law.

      Parents told Alexei that they quite calmly accepted the news that their beloved son is wheelchair-bound. However, they fully supported the choice of a young man. For them it was important that the successor loves Julia.

      Участница «Евровидения» Юлия Самойлова получила неожиданный сюрприз в прямом эфире

      For the artist came as a surprise when Andrey Malakhov announced another guest in the Studio. The singer could not hold back tears from the flood of memories. As it turned out, Svetlana Shirokova was the first teacher Samoilova vocal. Thanks to her efforts, the girl believed in themselves and were able to conquer the stage. Svetlana said that Julia brought to her audition and was assured that the talented girl didn’t want to take other teachers.

      “I immediately rage, how is it? I do not believe in the phrase “limited people”. Don’t limit yourself people! When I saw in her eyes a desire to sing, a desire to live, said: “She will sing,” recalled the teacher.

      The Studio came Yuri Loza, who had the reputation of a skeptic in relation to the “Eurovision”. He said that in vain Julia are sent to the song contest. The author of the hit “the Raft” annoyed that when you create a song addressed no to him, and to foreign authors. The artists expressed the opinion that the Russian artists should promote national culture, and not try to please other people.

      The programme also showed an interview with Robbie Williams, who loves Eurovision and even ready to perform at the competition from our country.

      “I would like to represent Russia at “Eurovision”. Come on Russia, we will be able to win,” said the musician.

      In conclusion, programme Director of music broadcast Yuri Aksyuta wished success Yulia and was glad that such a bright girl to fulfill the dream of – she will take part in a major competition.