Экс-супруга Тарасова высказалась о разводе Бузовой A young woman answered the question, subscribers will. Oksana Tarasova did not go into details, and to confirm that the famous TV presenter allegedly stole the husband from the family. According to the first of a footballer’s wife, she was not interested in events that occurred several years ago.

      Экс-супруга Тарасова высказалась о разводе Бузовой

      The footballer Dmitry Tarasov noisy celebrated his birthday. He threw a party in one of fashionable Moscow restaurants. To congratulate the midfielder of “Locomotive” came to his family and friends, including new girl – Rostov model Anastasia Kostenko. Girl, long time no comment on your relationship with Tarasov, first published together with her boyfriend.

      Dmitry Tarasov celebrated the birthday with a new girl

      The appearance of Anastasia caused a scandal in the Internet. Many fans of celebrities have started to compare the model and ex-wife sports stars Olga Buzova. According to some fans of the famous TV presenter, Kostenko took the man of the family. At the same time, other users of social networks recalled the first divorce of a football player when there were rumours that the TV star had an affair with a married man. One of podeschi ex-lover of midfielder “Locomotive” Oksana Tarasova asked her if it was true. The young woman did not directly answer this question.

      “That’s ancient history, is totally not interesting to me. I think all clearly and so. My life will not change, and someone can hopelessly fail the PR concept of the great universal suffering and “injustice” of fate. So let’s leave this question unanswered,” wrote the ex-wife of footballer on social networks.

      Earlier Dmitry Tarasov told journalists that the well-known presenter did not destroy his marriage. The athlete was forced to make a similar statement to stop numerous speculation. “Olga Buzova our family didn’t break. If you want to know, I met her three months after he stopped living with Oksana. That day, March 18, when I celebrated a birthday I never thought to invite his wife. We broke up, it’s just a child,” – said the footballer correspondents.

      Recall also that after the first divorce a sports star was ordered to pay child support, and the total amount of compensation received by Oksana Tarasova, amounted to one million 800 thousand rubles. Journalists reported that the woman looked satisfied with the court’s decision, but declined to comment.

      Currently Oksana Tarasova is raising her daughter angelina, Anna, who was born married to a famous football player. The girl came to light in mid-2009. Despite the fact that the parents of angelina Anna broke up, they continue to maintain good relations among themselves. Dmitry Tarasov doted in his heir, and is in regular contact with her.