В Южном Судане рухнул самолет The aircraft crashed at the airport of Wau. According to preliminary data, nine people were taken to hospital. Now establish the causes of the crash in the African country.

      Today it became known that at the airport of Wau African countries of South Sudan, the plane crashed. According to preliminary data, the plane crash claimed the lives of 44 passengers. Initially, the media got conflicting information. According to some, none of those on Board survived. However then it became known that nine people were able to escape. They were removed from the rubble of the collapsed vessel and taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.

      The plane belonged to airline South Supreme Airlines. The liner was made a regular flight from the capital of South Sudan, Juba.

      Witnesses at the scene documented that firefighters extinguished the fire, which broke out after the collision with the ground plane. At the crash site lifeguard. Also yet to investigate the cause of the crash. Yet and pre-release versions that could lead to tragedy. Now set the identity of the passengers who were on Board the aircraft.

      In November 2015 in South Sudan also crashed a passenger ship close to the airport of the capital of southern Sudan Juba. Then, after lifting into the air 800 meters from the runway the aircraft crashed into a hill in a residential area, causing falling apart. According to some information, at the time the cause of the crash could become an overload. Among the dead were those who flew in the aircraft, as well as those who in the time of the crash were on the ground.

      The year before, among the victims were one Russian and five citizens of Armenia, who were part of the crew. The bodies of five dead were then sent to Yerevan. After the crash, three people survived and 36 died, including more than 20 villagers, which fell the wreckage of the plane. According to some sources, the aircraft that crashed in 2015, was commissioned 40 years ago. The aircraft was manufactured in Uzbekistan and a lot of life had to change several owners in different countries.