Александр Носик бросил жену ради экс-«фабрикантки» Actor spotted on a date with a nice girl kranovoj. According to witnesses, the man had dinner with the former soloist of group “Tutsi” in one of capital restaurants. Alexander does not deny that he had an affair with a spectacular blonde.

      Alyaksandr Spout was spotted on a date with a young blonde. 45-year-old actor dined in the company of girls in one of capital restaurants. As eyewitnesses told, the companion of men was the former lead singer of the group “Tutsi” Anastasiya Kraynova. The pair enthusiastically talked and tried not to draw attention from other visitors.

      Star of TV series “SWAT”, “the Return of Mukhtar”, “Maroseyka,12” confirmed that he had separated with his wife Olga. In turn, Anastasia is trying to hide a relationship with an actor. The girl is not divided in Instagram pictures with a crush and not tell reporters about the new novel. Later the man confessed that keen on the singer.

      “Yes, I am now with Nastya. With my wife, we broke up a few weeks ago. Sorry, but I your new relationship does not want to comment and especially to show them all,” said Nose.

      Recall that the actor was married to wife Olga for about six years. Just a month ago on the set of “million dollar Secret” Alexander claimed they are preparing for the replenishment of the family.

      “I was ready to Olga gave birth to a child even during our honeymoon period, and eager to fight… But Olga said: wait, wait. And given the fact that I pulled her from out of town, a normal life, adaptation gone for 3-4 years. Then began a hard grinding. We fought, and were on the verge of divorce, Olga was Packed. The question then posed as follows: as if we family. Friends advised – let them give birth and then calm down. But I believe that it is impossible with the child to solve problems. And now I’m afraid of difficulties. I suppose we just have to dive…” said the star of the esters in a conversation with Leroy Kudryavtseva.

      Nose tries not to disclose all the details of the relationship with kranovoj. “As you know, happiness love peace!” the actor said in an interview with Life.ru.

      By the way, the wife of Alexander so far has not responded to information about his new novel. However, as admitted Olga, the end of last week turned out to be quite difficult. “Today, all of Friday was difficult. Share,” said the woman.