Became known the name of the new coach of the show “DANCING”

Стало известно имя нового наставника шоу «ТАНЦЫ» To the survey the project team joins the international level choreographer Tatiana Denisova. She replaced Yegor Druzhinin who have abandoned the program before the start of the fourth season. The woman confirmed this information to journalists.

      In March of this year it became known that the choreographer Yegor Druzhinin said goodbye to the show “DANCING” on the eve of the start of the fourth season of the project. In a press-service TNT have announced that the parting was without scandals. According to representatives of the channel, the man had informed colleagues about his plans. “The producers are searching for the new coach, the challenge is to do it in a short time, as in April the start of the regional auditions,” they said.

      In turn, Egor Druzhinin admitted to “StarHit” that he was tired. “Every new season I’ve made a promise to myself not to worry so for their members. But I can’t. The excitement and emotions torn apart. And at the end of each season I feel empty and squeezed like a lemon” – shared choreographer.

      Yegor Druzhinin said goodbye to the show “DANCING”

      Recently in mass media there was information about who will replace Yegor Druzhinin. It is reported that instead of the dancers will be judged Ukrainian international level choreographer Tatiana Denisova, already familiar to the participants and spectators of the TV show. Earlier, a woman was one of the invited jury members and put numbers to the contestants. Denisov confirmed the happy news to reporters and said that we accepted with pleasure the proposal of the producers of the program.

      “For me, this is not the first project. I have many years of experience in creating large-scale talent shows on television as Director and creative producer. To reveal the artists is my calling. I love my job and do it best. I definitely have a certain taste, I am an aesthete, but I am especially interested in creativity. I choose the people sincere, obsessed with the stage, no matter what style they’re dancing,” the woman shared with correspondents.

      Note also that Tatyana Denisova is the founder and Director of the dance team JB Ballet in Germany. The woman is also working on numerous shows and circus in different countries of Europe. In addition, she was one of the permanent members of the jury of the popular Ukrainian TV show “everybody dances!”.

      During the conversation with journalists Denisov admitted that she has a mission. According to Tatyana, dancing is not only fun, but art that develops and nurtures the personality. In addition, the woman is sure that it allows you to speak from the stage about serious and important things. About the choreographer said