How was filming “Mata Hari”: the French Roman Matveev and treasure Isakova

Как снималась «Мата Хари»: французский роман Матвеева и сокровища Исаковой On Russian television launched a 12-part drama about the famous courtesan and spy of the early XX century. Work on the painting took approximately two years. The project “Mata Hari” believe in truth international, as it was involved in the Portuguese, Russian and French experts.

      Как снималась «Мата Хари»: французский роман Матвеева и сокровища Исаковой

      On the First channel launched the series “Mata Hari”, which is dedicated to the biography of the famous spy of the First world war. The shooting had spent about $ 12 million, and the rights to the film were acquired distributors from 30 countries. In France and Portugal, the audience has already managed to estimate a fascinating drama about Margaretha Zelle, who was called “dancing Queen”.

      In the starring French actress Vaina Giocante. The girl did not know any details about the life of Mata Hari, when I started to work on the project. However, having carefully reviewed the script, Vaine became very close with his character. According to star of the show, Margaret has taught women to be sensual and strong.

      “A feminist, a beauty with a sad fate. She fought for our rights among men, endowed with unlimited power and the realities of that difficult time. She was an inspiration, a true diva, a real woman in all respects. She is definitely the most amazing and subtle character that I have ever put on the screen. So. For me it is a gift from the sun with its sunrises and sunsets,” admitted Giocante.
      Как снималась «Мата Хари»: французский роман Матвеева и сокровища Исаковой

      Before Wainui there was a truly serious challenge: to play a spy so that its not compared to other performers of the main roles. The Directors of the film, Denis Barry and Julius Berg, created a new image of the iconic character. In the series Hari seductive dancing in some scenes, while in others stealing documents and reports of men who only a few hours ago was in her bed.

      “I love the atmosphere of the early XX century, the fashion world carefree Paris. In Paris I have lived part of their lives, adoring the spirit of France and her past. So for me it is an opportunity to share his love for France and Paris with the audience, which I hope will see the film in all countries of the world. Also, I have always received great pleasure from creating films, narrating the drama of a woman, painting her portrait, full of crisis, struggle, numerous conflicts, and temperamental emotionality,” said Berg.
      Как снималась «Мата Хари»: французский роман Матвеева и сокровища Исаковой

      The events of the series begin to unfold in 1899 on the island of Java in Indonesia. Margareta Mack McLeod divorcing her husband. He deprives her of custody of her daughter. Crushed by personal tragedy, a woman seeks solace in dancing. After some time, about the performer starts to speak all over Paris. Mata Hari captivated the audience with their extravagant rooms, which ended with a Striptease. Soon her has been courted by the most influential politicians and military.

      “Courtesan – Yes, but not a spy”: the scandalous facts from the biography of Mata Hari

      Filming of the series lasted five years, since the creators had to display a half-life of the dancer. The first and the third block of the picture (for three issues) was filmed in Portugal, in the estate of QUINTA da regaleira, which is included in the List of world heritage sites. There was recreated the scenery. In the early twentieth century it belonged to the millionaire Monteiro were part of the Masonic order. In the room there is a secret door, which is disguised as library shelves, as well as underground passages, with lakes and grottoes. Victoria Isakova, who took part in the shooting, admitted that she was able to take an expensive thing.

      “We were shooting in Lisbon, in an old house, which is now offered for sale, stored every detail. And we were allowed to take something as a souvenir. And what do you think I took? Chest! (laughs). Incredible beauty, wooden, metal ear, he elicited laughter from the employees of the customs (still, normal people bring Porto and Russian actress carries the box), but made it safely to my house and now will remind you about the shooting in Portugal,” said the actress, who played Lydia Kireevsky.

      According to the filmmakers, in addition to filming borrowed these vintage cars Ford T, the first Chrysler, Buick and Renault.

      The script of the series, during the First world war, the heroine Waini falls in love with a Russian officer Vladimir Maslov. According to information from archives, Mata Hari wanted to get into the upper strata of the society and hoped that she would be able to do it by choice. The role of the captain of the Russian army took Maxim Matveyev, known for the films “Anna Karenina” and “Demons.” The actor was pleased with the work with professionals from other countries.

      “Vaina Giocante – a wonderful sensitive person, she brought to this work his share of life. Mata Hari character is ambiguous, something that is pretty clichéd. Nobody still does not understand who she was, why she had done such things, if she belonged to some intelligence. Vaina makes your character from a human point of view is very justified. I liked the script of this film, a role that has certain resources, it was necessary to do what is not done in the frame. I like changing my character – first he is young, strong, healthy Russian officer, and towards the end becomes almost a patient, experienced the life of a man, no eyes, half a lung missing,” – said Matveev.

      The international team included such actors as Christopher Lambert, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Aleksey Guskov, Victoria Isakova, Ksenia Rappoport, Gerard Depardieu and many others. The Russians had quickly to learn English, because they had not only to communicate with other members of the crew, but to think on it.

      The producer of the film Vlad Ryashin praised the outcome of the makers of the biographical drama. “We had a global international product: international cast, filming in three countries, dubbing in America. Since not all the actors were native English speakers, it duplicated the role of “native speakers” using exact placement in articulation. We have more than a hundred heroes and everyone will have their voice,” said the man.