Пэрис Джексон шокировала снимком больной матери

Debbie Rowe, mother of Paris Jackson, the only daughter of the king of pop Michael Jackson, one step closer to recovery. A woman struggling with breast cancer, completed chemotherapy. This was announced by Paris herself on his page on the social network by posting a photo of his mother, tired, exhausted, but still happy.

“Is she not beautiful?” — asks Paris.
The picture shows Debbie appeared without hair, but with a smile.. and a manicure. And so pessimism woman, already farewell to life, slowly evaporated. Thanks Paris, I must say. Eighteen-year-old girl is very grown up and difficult teenager at the time has turned into a devoted and caring daughter.
That row with cancer, it became known in July of this year. With August and by this time she had already completed six cycles of chemotherapy, lost his hair, lost his will to live. This misfortune was the key to the reconciliation of mother and daughter, who have survived many difficult periods and have almost ceased to communicate. After learning about the diagnosis to the mother, Perez moved in with her and all this time, supports and inspires her to continue fighting.