Now lives with a beautiful prisoner of America?

Как сейчас живет самый красивый заключенный Америки?

In 2014, the vast social network Facebook there was a photo of a criminal named Jeremy Meeks. It seemed that the criminal who was in prison deserves universal scorn, but with Jeremy happened the opposite situation – the wearer of the Network fell in love with it. The appearance of 30-year-old Meeks has played in his favor. Of course! Blue-eyed hottie, covered in tattoos – in the style of many women, who are attracted by “bad boys”. In General Jeremy was on the wave.

Как сейчас живет самый красивый заключенный Америки?

Of course, after the Internet users, interesting appearance has attracted and workers in the fashionable industry. Immediately upon release of the Mix from places not so remote (it happened 9 months ago) he “attacked” the model scouts and he signed a contract with the “White Cross Management“.

But where’s Jeremy Meeks? What is its fate?

Of course, the guy should be thankful (strange as it may sound) for the arrest in 2014. Because otherwise his picture wouldn’t be in the Network and his life is not changed.

The man now lives better than many of us. He earned a fancy house, car and a comfortable life for his family.

I hope the criminal activities of Jeremy’s not coming back.

Как сейчас живет самый красивый заключенный Америки?