Первый взгляд на Марго Робби в роли Тони Хардинг

By the end of 2016 Margot Robbie decided to get married. She happily went down the aisle with his lover, the filmmaker from UK Tom Ackerly. Enough to enjoy the holiday weekend, Margo and Tom returned to “the States”, where Robbie started preparing for the filming of the movie “I, Tonya”.

Recall that in the film, Margo will be reincarnated as a famous American skater Tonya Harding, who became famous as their sporting achievements (“gold” at the U.S. Championships and silver at the world championship in 1991, the first skater-singles and executed a triple Axel, two triple Axel and a cascade of triple Axel), and criminal scandal.

Apparently, a stunt people in the film, Margo will perform personally, without the help of the understudy, because she is now responsibly engaged at the rink and learning the basics of this difficult sport.

Paparazzi managed to spy on the training of Robbie. Note that it is quite confident on the ice.

Partner Margo in the film is the star of “the First avenger” Sebastian Stan.

Sebastian will become the husband of Harding, who helped her in committing her crimes.

The film’s Director appointed Craig Gillespie (“sound storm”). The opening date is unknown.

Synopsis: in the film “I, Tonya”, you will learn about the scandal in 1994 which was involved in Harding. Ex-husband Tony Jeff Gillooly and her bodyguard Shawn, Eckardt put a Stent Shane to break a leg main rival Harding — Nancy Kerrigan so that she refused to participate in the competition. In the attack, Kerrigan escaped injury, but was forced to cancel the performance. Harding won, and they both make the Olympic team USA.

The actions of Tony and her accomplices caused serious consequences, up to fines and imprisonment.

Samuel Harding figure skating Association USA was deprived of the title of champion USA 1994 and disqualified for life from participating in tournaments held by the Association, as athlete or coach.