Paris Jackson appeared on the cover of Australian Vogue

Пэрис Джексон появилась на обложке австралийского Vogue

Nineteen-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson Paris moving stairs world of show business up. Few glossy magazines stood in line to get a girl on their cover. This time the lucky Australian edition of Vogue, an interview with whom Perry is very proud and calls it “the most truthful” of those which it gave ever.

“This is the first in my life an interview in which my words are not distorted. The information from the horse’s mouth! And I’m very grateful for that. Read it, please” asked Paris to the subscribers, announcing the release of the magazine.
During the interview, Ms. Jackson told reporters that he would like to become a role model for all those girls who subscribed to her page on the social network. Besides, in plans of Paris to make his mark in the fashion world and change the perceived standards of beauty, often imposed by media and society.