Property for daughter published the Testament of Alexei Batalov

Имущество для дочери: обнародовали завещание Алексея Баталова

With the brilliant Soviet actor, people’s artist of USSR Alexey Batalov said goodbye at the Moscow house of cinema. He was buried at the Transfiguration cemetery, beside his mother Nina Olszewski. Now the families have to deal with the will, which left the actor. Many friends Batalov stunned by his last will and scandalous paper called.

Friends Alexei Batalov said that a will made in favor of the youngest daughter of 49-year-old Mary. However, the actor did not forget about the older heiress 62-year-old Hope, however, with one caveat — she’ll get the inheritance only after the death of his sister. And yet everything he owns Batalov – luxury apartment and Villa in the suburbs, belongs to Mary. Relatives were sympathetic to the last will of the actor. None of them will contest the will.
Alexei Batalov two daughters from his first marriage – Hope from the second Mary, which was given at birth injury due to the negligence of doctors and suffering from the disease of cerebral palsy. According to the actor, the eldest Hope, was obliged to care for her sister. However, relatives of the sisters are very close. According to friends of the Batalov, Maria always called his sister on her birthday, which she loved to mention in the House of writers. Hope came to the feast and there communed with the father. Despite this, between the girls was not warm sisterly feelings.
The eldest heir Alexei Batalov has his own family — daughter Svetlana and granddaughter Catherine. However, the actor was rarely communicate with relatives, and almost never mentioned them in an interview. According to insiders, at the end of life Batalov said that he has no granddaughters or great-granddaughters. Perhaps this explains why the actor did not leave the family anything.
But the youngest daughter Batalov, unfortunately, because of a serious illness can not have children. But the actor has decided all the property to leave it to Maria. She got a priceless two-bedroom apartment in the famous government House on the waterfront. Once a neighbor of the couple was the actor Archil Gomiashvili, and now live in this house Natalia Andreichenko, Alexander Domogarov, Natalia Ionova, Gennady Khazanov.
Once said Alexei Batalov, this apartment got him by accident. In the house where once lived the actor, on the Big Meadow began repairs and disabled lift. The Director complained that he can not live without an Elevator, because his daughter confined to a wheelchair. Then he was given the living space in the government House.
According to rough estimates of realtors, today these apartments are from 80 million rubles.
Alexei Batalov bequeathed to Mary and country house in the settlement DSK Michurinets next to the writers ‘ village of Peredelkino. The whole country, from the house to furniture, the actor had built and had in his hand.
It is possible, Hope will try to challenge the will of the father in court, because it is also an undeniable heir. But then the star family to avoid scandal.