Пэрис Джексон разозлила фанатов отца

Eighteen-year-old daughter of the king of pop Michael Jackson Paris Jackson got into an altercation with fans of his father. Visit one of the wizards tattoos the girl saw a collage created from a poorly done tattoo with the image of the father, under the inscription which reads “Forever with us” “He touched many.”

Пэрис Джексон разозлила фанатов отца
“Lol( im laughing so f****** hard) — wrote Paris under the image. Of course, the page immediately began an attack of the trolls, haters and fans of Michael, accusing miss Jackson of callousness, callousness and defiance of his father’s memory, some have even suggested that in this way Paris confirms the information that sexual abuse of minors her father was.

“People are ignorant, always twist everything I do” — said the fuss Paris.
Recall that officially all charges claimed 14 points with the king of pop shot, but many media outlets still procrastinate this subject, the main argument giving the fact of payment Michael cash compensation “unimpaired” that looks really weird.
Earlier this month, Paris admitted that because of haters, which fully in the network, almost killed himself four years ago. Fortunately, she had the strength and mind to do the fateful step. Now, at eighteen, she had already learned to close my eyes to all that is written in the Network.
“I don’t understand why so much hatred in the world. I tried to pull myself together, block the haters, not to read comments.. I tried a lot of things, but it’s hard when they are so many. I did not understand what deserved such attitude. I tried to be nice to everyone, everyone in my life, I give a chance to.
When I was fourteen years old, I got so much hate that he tried to kill himself. I took two years off from social networking and media. When I returned, I saw that nothing has changed. But I’ve changed. I try to be open with you guys. I’m not hiding, not hiding his personal life, I am very public. I’m just tired of hatred, and I know I’m not the only one” — said through tears Paris.