Клубы Лас-Вегаса предлагают миллион долларов Кендалл Дженнер за празднование у них ее Дня рождения

Kendall Jenner has managed to create a name that now works for her.

One of the sisters Kardashian-Jenner will soon celebrate its complete age – she will turn 21.

For this reason, in the best traditions of social life Kendall is going to arrange a Grand celebration. Here only Jenner to worry about the celebration not will need. A great party for her ready to organize the most famous clubs of Las Vegas.

Its services to entertainment venues have begun to offer models.

Some of them are even willing to become generous for several million dollars, if only Kendall had chosen them as the platform for the birthday celebration.

The so-called “auction” is still ongoing. From Jenner still have a month to decide where she will celebrate the 21 years.

Such a fuss about Kendall Jenner is explained quite simply: at the moment the girl is seen as a star number one, able with his presence suddenly fill any visitors, dreaming to see her.