Канье Вест трижды оскорбил Тэйлор Свифт во время концерта

Kanye West once again reminded of his conflict with country singer Taylor swift. What artists dislike is no longer a secret for anybody, and if the artist tries to let go of the current between the situation, the West cannot once again not to remind her. So, during a recent concert, Kanye was three times recalled the singer, impartially speaking in her direction.

“I feel that me and Taylor swift can be sex. Why? Because I made this bitch famous” — these words of the song created a Large Canyon between the artists. Under the approving whistles of his fans Kanye started his speech on 24 September and not just anywhere, but in his hometown Taylor of Nashville, Tenn. What a blow to the gut! Kanye fans began to chant “f*ck Taylor Swift, and Kanye as if he was waiting for it, and it seemed that he was yelling with them in unison.
Recall that the West called swift and asked if he could use her name in his song. Taylor thanked him for the honor and said Yes, asked only that he acquainted her with the final sound of the song, which West did not do. Swift didn’t expect about it rapper will be in this strange and unpleasant context. Her indignation knew no bounds, and the rapper and his missus Kim Kardashian immediately posted an audio recording of the phone call, the man, during which Kanye asks permission to be sung about swift. Taylor, who was already suffering from delusions of persecution were in shock – no one can be trusted, she didn’t know that the phone conversation is being recorded. She would be just right to go to court, but Mara about the Kardashians TGNA she didn’t want.