Пэрис Хилтон заявила, что она — бизнес-вумен, а не «глупая блондинка»

At the moment, the main person of the TV reality show is, Kim Kardashian. For the nominal life of this numerous family has repeatedly observed not only residents of the United States and other countries. Kim and her clan has managed to build an Empire, generating millions of profit every year. But now, few remember that the first to earn a project of this genre, the beginning of Paris Hilton and her friend Nicole Richie.

Then Paris appeared before the audience in the image of the frivolous blonde, prodigiality life, the heir of the hotel business, which not always behaves correctly and is appropriate, and often boasts some failures than successes.

Now at the expiry time Hilton requires a completely different attitude. 35-year-old celebrity insists that “dumb blonde” image that’s been thrust upon her by the producers and she had to stick to the contract: “I am a business woman, an entrepreneur, and I want to be perceived that way. […] We had no idea what you’re getting into, and didn’t know what we have to play these roles for five years. […] For me, it eventually grew into a huge business and, besides, it was fun. I think that if the show dealt with “serious” version of me, such a big success it would not use”.