Ksenia Sobchak went on the first trip with your baby

Ксения Собчак отправилась на первую прогулку с малышом A celebrity has posted on his page in the social network family photos with the newborn heir. Husband the TV presenter and his children from a previous marriage to accompany the star. Also next to it is the mother, Lyudmila Narusova.

      Ksenia Sobchak shared with subscribers in Instagram shot, which is touched by users of the Network. A young mother told me that decided to make his heir first walk in the fresh air. In the pictures in addition to the presenter captured her mother, husband Maxim Vitorgan and his two heirs, 15-year-old Daniel and 19-year-old Pauline. Ksenia, apparently, glad she has so many assistants. Relatives, obviously happy to have the opportunity to play with the first-born celebrity.

      “Mom son”: as Ksenia Sobchak will bring the firstborn

      Sobchak gave followers the first skating of the son in the form of staged scenes, where each of the participants in the photograph, based on the idea of a picture, wants to direct the stroller where the baby lies. This attitude has caused excitement among users of the Network. They noted that it’s nice to see the baby’s mother in a good mood, despite the difficult postpartum period.

      “The first walk! And once the family fight: “Who will carry the stroller?”, – wrote in his microblog TV presenter.

      Followers were pleasantly surprised published the. They expressed Ksenia gratitude that she finds time for the social network and share with subscribers the most vivid moments of his life. The commentators praised all members of the family, noting how United and friendly they look. Many are impressed by the fact that Maxim draws a daughter and a son from his first marriage to the upbringing of your child. Recall that children Vitorgan also prisutstvovali statement Sobchak from the hospital, trying to help the parent and his wife.

      Netizens wished the child presenter good health and great love from the reversal of mom and dad. Despite some of the circumstances that the followers believe that Ksenia copes with new role. According to them, the kid will grow in the most favorable circumstances, especially that near the minor support in the face of her own mother.

      “What you all happy. To obzavidovalis you can. A real strong family!”, “It’s so great that the children of Maxim next to him. You know, a different situation arises. Well done!”, “Ksenia is such an amazing, incredible, heartfelt. How much happiness in her now,” “I Wonder who got the chair?”, – I wrote to subscribers in Instagram.

      Fans of celebrities could not decide who ruled the wheelchair in which he was a baby. Around the post Xenia developed this argument, which most commentators have turned into a joke, to thus support the idea that a young mother has invested in the snapshot. Some believe that the wheelchair can only trust the head of the family, and someone, on the contrary, supported the mother Sobchak, referring to her experience in raising children.