Paris Hilton is sick of the “children’s fever»

Пэрис Хилтон заболела «детской лихорадкой»
Socialite desperately jealous of her sister.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zilko


36-year-old Paris Hilton has admitted,
the birth of Theodora, the youngest niece of socialite, made her sick
“children’s fever” — wrong in America
call very strong, bordering on delusions, a desire to become a mother. Peris
“on fire” desire as quickly as possible to have a baby after he talked
with a young daughter of her sister Nicky. “I can’t otherwise describe it —
it really is “baby fever”. Now I just can’t think of anything
another. You know, looking at his
niece, I was filled with hope. I’m once again convinced that
our family all have excellent genes. Hence, I does not make sense to worry about,
how will my child…” he told Paris.

Paris is in awe of her
nieces and a little jealous of Nicki. Because of his desire to become a mother, the eldest Hilton
spoke for the first time some time ago when she fell in love with actor Chris Zilko,
who recently proposed to her. Moreover, Paris has managed to confess,
she and Chris are not going to have only one child. “I don’t want to
Chris was just one child. I would like two or three — because
me the most were brothers and sisters, and I loved it!”said Hilton,
who was the eldest of four children of his parents.

As for the culprits “fever” Paris Theodora, she
still very young, she is not even two months. Recall, baby,
has already become the second daughter Niki and her husband James Rothschild, appeared on
light a little early — December 20 2017. About this happy mother
wrote on his page in the social network: “Christmas came to me
early! I and my husband James became parents of a newborn girl!»