Стефания Маликова призналась в подделке документов
Daughter of the famous singer shared her joy with followers.

Photo: Instagram

Stefaniya Malikova yesterday celebrated his birthday. The fact of age the girl extremely happy: because now she has new opportunities. For example, she can legally purchase alcohol in stores and restaurants or drive a car. By the way, recently her father, the singer Dmitry Malikov, showed how he personally teaches Stashu “steer”. Apparently, he is going (or already did it!) to give his daughter her first vehicle.

On the day of his 18th birthday Stefania has made a shocking confession.

“Throw away the fake ID and have fun legally!”she wrote in her personal blog subscribers which is as much as half a million people. In English, this phrase means: “to throw a fake passport and to have fun legally.”

Unlikely, of course, Stesha has a fake passport with a different, earlier year of birth. But perhaps some kind of paper she is still there, because she travels a lot, including, without parents, with friends. Malikov looks according to the public much older than his age, but in many places, stores or bars, the girls are asked to show your passport.

Fans of Stephanie to congratulate her 18th anniversary, but many advised not to relax and not throw it “fake ID” because in most countries the majority is not 18, but 21.