Пэрис Хилтон закрутила роман с актером

In love questions, unfortunately, Paris Hilton is not so successful and lucky as her sister Nicky. The younger Hilton was lucky to meet her man and even marry him, but the older still has to work on this issue. To help in the speedy marriage to Paris even called plastic surgery – we will remind, 36-year-old star had a boob job. Looks like it worked. Western media reported that the successor of Empire Hilton spun a new novel. Choice was a 31-year-old actor Chris Zylka.

Official announcements yet that was not done. Thinking about the novel, Paris and Chris gave her posts on the social network. On his page in Instagram Hilton has published some pictures with the actor.

On the last Paris and Chris lovingly looking into each other’s eyes, and the caption at all and puts everything in its place: “the Best feeling in the world when I see you like magic”.

Environment couple said that all the rumors are true and they really are, and not announce it to the public just because you don’t want to rush things.