Причиной суицида Курта Кобейна могло стать его несчастливое детство

All our problems come from childhood. Complexes, experiences and causes of many of the actions may lie in some children’s fears or troubles. According to Beva Cobain, cousin of Kurt Cobain, the legendary frontman of the band Nirvana, the suicide of a musician was the cause of an unhappy childhood.

This he says in the documentary “Autopsy: The Last Hours of Kurt Cobain”.
“The whole family of Cobain was unhappy. He lived with parents who abused alcohol and did not know how to raise a child. They never had time for him, and for a small child it is difficult” — said a cousin of the musician. Kurt’s parents divorced when he was nine years old. He rarely spoke about his family, and in 1993, Cobain spoke about his difficult childhood.
“I was ashamed of my parents, I was ashamed of them. I so desperately wanted a typical American family, wanted security, but I didn’t. I couldn’t even invite their school friends over, so they don’t see in what hell I live,” said curt. Cobain never hid the fact that music became his salvation with her, he walked away from reality. Unfortunately, he soon began to take the drugs that make him stay out of reality longer, and in the end, they killed him.
“Music saved Kurt. I think for him it was the only way to Express feelings, and I really think it was a kind of therapy,” said journalist Ian Halperin.
Recall that in 1994, at age 27, Kurt was found dead. Near him was found a gun and drugs. Still it is believed that Cobain committed suicide, although many fans blame for his death the widow, Courtney Love.