Кайли Миноуг впервые прокомментировала расставание с Джошуа Сассом

Just two weeks ago Australian singer Kylie Minogue announced the breakup with her British fiancé Joshua Sass, and yesterday she for the first time publicly commented on the failed romance in an interview with The Sunday Herald Sun. The actress said that the grateful of life for this lesson, and what’s more felt good about it and moved on.

“I could not assume with me that happens, but now I have a wealth of experience, and I’m ready to move on,” said Kylie.
The singer in my life so never married, however, unsuccessful relationship is not killed in her desire to create a family. and it doesn’t exclude that yet just haven’t met the right person.
“While I didn’t have a perfect relationship, about which you can say: “..and they lived happily ever after”. Maybe it’s just not my thing, but I know what the feeling of love, and I like it” said Kylie.
Recall that shortly after the statements about the separation Kylie and Joshua, a young man was spotted on a date with an unknown brunette. Official reports about the reasons for the parting of the bride and groom was not, but insiders close to Kylie has announced that Sass just used Minogue for a publicity stunt and, perhaps, her money, he also cheated on her with other women. Kylie was so blindly in love that I did not notice this and did not want to believe the rumors. The woman did not skimp on the gifts of a young man, paid his expenses, and even paid him a hair transplant to have started to go bald actor has not lost its lush hair.