Пэрис Хилтон: «Каждый день благодарю Бога за то, что послал мне Криса» Paris Hilton’s had countless knights, but to the crown is not reached. Bad luck some! And recently 36-year-old model still got the offer of marriage from actor Chris Zylka.
Пэрис Хилтон: «Каждый день благодарю Бога за то, что послал мне Криса»

Why Paris doesn’t trust anyone in show business and how it supports the beloved man, the designer said in an exclusive interview with model plus-size, and the author of the blog “Not for women” Yulia Rybakova – especially for “StarHit”.

Paris, it seemed that you’re always going to live for myself: photography, travel, business, party… And you suddenly are we getting married! Chris – some special?
Пэрис Хилтон: «Каждый день благодарю Бога за то, что послал мне Криса»Maybe from the outside it may not seem so, but my dream number one was always just to get married and have a baby. Happiness lies in the family and children, and not in endless parties. In 36 years, I understand that. And I’ll make sure my son or daughter were the best mom and dad in the world. Very love Chris. He is faithful, tender, trustworthy. But in the world of show business as this few can boast. Chris is my angel. Every day I thank God that he sent it to me. To live alone is not cool.

Tell me about your childhood.
Пэрис Хилтон: «Каждый день благодарю Бога за то, что послал мне Криса»Parents have always been very strict with my sister. For example, to 15 years I wasn’t allowed wearing makeup and Dating boys! Yes, we generally do not allow! Therefore, even at that age understood that it is necessary to work and be independent. By the way, as a teenager, decided to create their own brand. And now I have a whole Empire.

In his blog, the question is often asked: “What is not for women?” What do you think?
Пэрис Хилтон: «Каждый день благодарю Бога за то, что послал мне Криса»I think that girls rule the world. So says my friend Beyonce, by the way. In business I have learned a lot from his grandfather and father. You can say that I grew up in this environment. Because you feel there like a fish in water. In our time, to be a successful woman is not a dream but a reality. And there is something to be proud of. Working model, they realized that they could create their own perfume and make money. The first perfume was released 14 years ago, and today I have 23 flavor. I also have 19 product lines, two of the hotel. Recorded their second album, producing a TV show. Definitely: I am a busy man.

That’s really the nature has a rest. You are the daughter of your parents. But it is no secret what a beneficial experience too played a role…
Пэрис Хилтон: «Каждый день благодарю Бога за то, что послал мне Криса»Of course. When I was 15 years old, our family moved to new York. Such famous designers like Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce sent my sister Nikki your outfits and invited to their parties in night clubs… It was fantastic, because we were 18 years old. Of course, links help, if you use them correctly. And most to work. I know that some condemn me, someone is jealous, but that’s life. —
What would you advise to people who also want to succeed?
Пэрис Хилтон: «Каждый день благодарю Бога за то, что послал мне Криса»Never stop believing in yourself. In this life there are people who love and support and those who are waiting for your fall. You should try to surround first. They give strength and confidence. No wonder they say: find something for everyone and a day in the life won’t work. For example, I’m very busy: travelling all the time, every two days in a new country, different projects. But I almost do not feel tired, since surrounded myself with people and activities. Meet with the fans around the world and receive an unprecedented positive emotions and inspiration. And I like to fulfill their dreams, to do something incredible. Perhaps that is why a child is so loved tale of Cinderella and the fairy.

And you always wanted to be a businesswoman?
No. Before moving to new York lived on a ranch. Led a rustic life. Rode horses and fished. I loved animals and planned to become a veterinarian. And when I found out that will not only heal, but to euthanize a four-legged friends, I realized that I can’t. And I’m glad we moved to new York, where he found himself.