Рустам Солнцев: «Батрутдинов слабак, что не вступается за Бузову» The showman spoke about the scandal surrounding the singer. Rustam outraged that Olga is surrounded by men who can’t lend a helping hand in situations when the actress hurt.

Singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova which month continues to be the main newsmaker of the country. A few days ago around the brunette another scandal broke out – she had to cancel a concert in Saratov, as the local authorities refused to provide the platform during the speech, speaking against the fact that Olga sang in the theater of Opera and ballet. “Olga Buzova will not act in the theater of Opera and ballet. It was a lot of negative reviews, and they were heard. This suggests that civil society develops. Popular culture should not go to the masses through the humiliation of this culture. There are places where Buzova can raise your ego and multiply followers. All DK on the outskirts will be happy. Most officials agreed with this position. Thanks for all the activity,” – wrote in his blog a member of the Public chamber Mikhail Volkov.

Showman Rustam Solntsev, weekly, raising the most relevant topics in specially created for “StarHit” category “Mamadorogaya”, assessed the behavior policy and men from the environment Buzova.

“You know, one official with the face of Pavlik Morozov banned a concert of Olenka in the theater of Opera and ballet of the city of Saratov – began his video message to Rustam. – He explained this by saying that it demeans the art. That he did not think that the mere existence of such a man as he, humiliated the Saratov and live there men, I say nothing. Not going to offend anyone with the brain of a grasshopper. I’m on the other. Olga, dear, where are those guys you love so much PR? Where is your fiance from the Comedy Club or the criminal world, which you took in your last clip? Why none of them even have a word in your defense not-Nyan right before the holiday, the international women’s day? Zaya, so I suggest you remove unnecessary tags and put the needed – #Batrutdinova and #Rusalochki. Love you! Hugged…”
Рустам Солнцев: «Батрутдинов слабак, что не вступается за Бузову»

Rustam is sure that Olga is poorly versed in people. “Of course, she’s lonely and wants to be with a man, but, alas, she admits to himself, says the sun. – Of course, ex is getting married and she wanted to fuck as soon as possible to establish a personal life, but not with the same personalities… the Good of this Timur, even if it is to stand up for the girl can not? In the garden it!”